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Liza Soberano reveals plans after breakthrough performance in 'Lisa Frankenstein'

February 20 ------ Filipino actress Liza Soberano shared her excitement after receiving positive reviews for her Hollywood debut in the movie "Lisa Frankenstein" currently being shown in the US. "I feel very flattered. It was honestly a little unbelievable for me at first. I didn’t expect this many people to take a liking to my portrayal of Taffy in Lisa Frankenstein. I had so much fun filming it, but I didn’t expect much when the movie came out. So I’m just really happy and flattered, and I’m very inspired to act again soon," said Soberano during an interview for The Hollywood Reporter recently. 


Soberano recalled that the audition process for Taffy only took four days. "It only took about four days, I would say. I got the script, I read it right away, I taped my self-tape and then I got the call two days later," she said. Soberano, 26, talked about how she adapted to filming the movie in the US. "Yeah, there are a lot of differences compared to productions in the Philippines. The biggest thing that I noticed was the actual sets that they built [in New Orleans]. Here in the Philippines, we like to do a lot of live locations. So it was fun to see a very ‘80s-looking house get built from scratch and come to life. "I would also say the language used on set is different compared to what we’re used to here in the Philippines. So it took some time for me to adjust and even understand what they meant by some of the words.  "For example, they say “sides” instead of lines, and so I didn’t understand what they meant by reading sides. I kept on asking people what it meant, and finally, Kathryn was like, “Oh, it’s your dialogue. It’s what you need to read for each specific scene.”  So I was like, “Okay, that makes sense.” But it’s a good thing that Zelda was very conscious of me being a newcomer. She carefully guided me throughout the whole process and made sure I felt comfortable," she told The Hollywood Reporter. Following rave reviews for the film, Soberano said that she would be based in the US for at least one year, although she will be traveling back and forth to Asia. "The general plan right now is to stay in the States for at least a good year and get a feel for how things are going for me and my career. But I will be traveling back and forth to Asia just because I have a lot of brand-related commitments that I need to attend to.  "So the majority of my acting career will be focused on the States, and all of my modeling and endorsements will come from Asia," she said.   




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