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Leo Martinez's grandson receives Luka Doncic's trophy

September 13 ------ Baby Luka Rivero, who recently received the trophy won by NBA star Luka Dončić in his 2023 FIBA World Cup, not only has his name as his connection to the limelight, but he also has deep roots in the showbiz industry.

During the 2023 FIBA World Cup at the Mall of Asia Arena, Luka's parents, Prince and Lesley Rivero, held a poster saying their son is named after the NBA Star.

However, Baby Luka also has deep roots in showbiz namely his mom, Lesley. She's an actress in her own right and has appeared in several films, TV series, and guest appearances. Not only that, Baby Luka is the grandson of veteran actor and comedian Leo Martinez, who is currently part of the afternoon medical series Abot-Kamay na Pangrap. His grandmother, Gina Martinez, on the other hand, is a talented dancer who not only performed in several shows in the Philippines but also competed and performed in contests abroad. She is also the sister of Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano. As such, this makes Baby Luka cousins to Gab, Kiana, and Paolo, all of whom have their own musical careers. On the other hand, Baby Luka's dad, Prince, is a basketball athlete in his own right, together with his brother, Ricci Rivero. Additionally, Ricci is also an actor and host. He is also known to endorse numerous well-known brands and even appeared in a soft drink ad in New York back in 2021.



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