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Heart Evangelista on rekindling ties with Marian Rivera

November 13 ------ Fans rejoiced learning about Heart Evangelista and Marian Rivera-Dantes now following each other on Instagram.

Note the two have a long-running feud as fueled by ardent supporters. That said, many are excited to know how or when the two buried the hatchet exactly. Just recently, Heart spilled the tea in an interview with GMA News' Aubrey Carampel.

Heart explained one of her sisters knows Marian personally through some community. "Matagal na silang naguusap and we (Marian) have a lot of common friends,” Heart related. Before sharing more details, Heart made clear she didn’t want to make a big ado about the issue simply because she didn’t want it to be seen as a publicity stunt. The actress-influencer insisted, “Something like that should be from the heart." She continued, "Marian, we've always liked each other, and it's a true testament that real queens support each other. It's really the people around us that make things (look) bad." "I really appreciate her, she has a very strong character, (but) I really appreciate her kindness and her heart," she concluded. Fans expecting them to work with each other soon shouldn’t hold their breath though. Both are quite busy. But as Heart said, “What's important is in the real world, okay kami." The alleged feud involving the two started in 2011 while both were working on a remake of “Temptation Island.” It dragged on through the years, with supporters fanning the flames pitting the two against each other.



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