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Four Big Awards for GMA Network at 20th Philippine Quill Awards

February 2 ------ Leading media company GMA Network begins the year with four big wins at the 20th Philippine Quill Awards. Projects encouraging compassion for the environment and appreciation for Philippine culture and tradition prove once more that the Network provides more than world-class entertainment to audiences while ensuring these are accessible across multiple platforms. 


The network won three projects under the Communication Skills Division. The first is “Sinking Cities,” part of the Climate Change Special Reports series of 24 Oras. The feature delved into the critical issue of places beginning to sink due to rising sea levels caused by climate change. Next is "The Importance of Sierra Madre" from the late-night newscast Saksi, which highlights the mountain range's vital role in protecting places from powerful typhoons. These special features secured Excellence Awards for GMA Integrated News under Category 22 Audio/Visual. 


Further, original Spotify podcast “Sounds and Stories of the Philippines” produced by GMA Integrated News and GMA Public Affairs, received an Excellence Award under Category 21: Digital Communication/Communication for the Web. The podcast is aimed at showcasing the best in Philippine culture and designed to be accessed and appreciated by a wider audience. It is also another step undertaken by the Network in distributing quality content available on online platforms. "Sounds and Stories of the Philippines" is told by veteran voiceover artist Shirley Escalante through ASMR. “On behalf of 24 Oras, Saksi, Online, and the entire GMA Integrated News, a big thank you to the 20th Philippine Quill Awards for recognizing our work. These awards fuel our commitment to delivering impactful news and storytelling, inspiring us to keep striving for excellence,” says Oliver Victor B. Amoroso, GMA Network's Senior Vice President and Head of GMA Integrated News, Regional TV, and Synergy. Rounding up GMA Network's recognitions is the Merit Award received by the Kapuso ng Kalikasan (KnK) project under the Communication Management Division, Category 15: Corporate Social Responsibility. 


KnK is the Network's flagship program and green strategy. GMA Network, through this platform, influences stakeholders in a national effort to mitigate the impact of climate change. KnK spearheads strategic collaborations with industry leaders to integrate environmental consciousness into institutional programs. By making full use of the Network's wide reach and commitment to delivering trusted information, KnK utilizes diverse genres in disseminating compelling content designed to foster awareness in environmental protection and conservation. "This award reminds us at GMA Network of our role in upholding effective business communication," said Angel Javier-Cruz, GMA Network Vice President for Corporate Affairs and Communications, regarding KnK’s recognition. "While we want to keep our audiences entertained, we also have the responsibility of educating them on environmental and climate change matters. Our Kapuso ng Kalikasan project embodies our commitment to promoting environmental awareness while also taking on the challenge of creating interesting and informative content that encourages our audience to take part." 


The Philippine Quill Awards is an annual event that honors professional communication practitioners and student communicators who exemplify global standards of excellent, effective, and purposeful business communication. It was launched in 2004 by the Association of Business Communicators (IABC). 




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