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Viva's Boss Vic del Rosario shares projects and plans for Muhlach twins

MANILA, Philippines, February 1 ------ Andres Muhlach finally following in the footsteps of his twin sister, Atasha, is one of the most exciting developments in showbiz recently. In case you missed it, it was announced during a contract signing last week that the 22-year-old, 6'2"-tall looker will soon make his acting debut in a TV5 sitcom alongside his entire family. His reason for joining left his parents — Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales — teary-eyed. Though the twins had long been expected to enter the entertainment industry, it still surprised their parents when both decided to do so. Atasha debuted first after signing up with Viva Artists Agency (VAA) last year. 

“One day, nagulat nalang kami ni Aga that they decided on their own — that they wanted to enter showbiz,” said Charlene during the contract signing for their family sitcom under a partnership deal among MQuest Ventures, Cignal, TV5, Viva Films, Studio Viva and VAA. “With Aga and I, we made a promise that when they reach the right age and whatever they decide to do in their lives, we would support them so that’s what we’re doing, this is the path that they chose so we’re just here to support them.” 

Aga made it clear to his children that beyond the glitz and glamor, a showbiz career requires hard work. “Blood, sweat, and tears,” remarked Aga. “They need to experience that; kailangan nilang magtrabaho, kahit si Andres.” Aga went on to suggest that it was Andres whom he least anticipated to pursue acting. In contrast, Atasha had displayed an interest in the craft from a young age, being cast in the musical “Sound of Music” at just 10 years old. “When Atasha said, ‘I really want…’ but I saw it in her when we were doing commercials (when they were kids), and Andres was the quiet guy,” recalled the former matinee idol. “He would always just be, you know, the quiet guy until at some point, he goes, ‘Dad, I just wanna work already parang I’m getting old…’ He was only 21 when he mentioned that, and I was like, ‘I understand because I was 21 once, and I started working when I was 14 years old, so tama sa lalaki 21, 22 (working), so what do you wanna do?’ ‘I wanna act.’ (I was like) really? “Parang kasi, we had never talked about these things, ‘yung pag-aartista nila. Kaya nung pumasok na silang dalawa, ano sasabihin mo? Okay, Andres, it’s your call. Atasha, it’s your call. Atasha started already.” One thing’s certain, they are proud of their kids and trust their decisions.

Charlene said, “And I’m so happy and so proud of the both of them. But I think more than anything, not because I’m the mom, pero napakabait na bata silang dalawa, that I can say. Atasha and Andres have great hearts. I mean, of course, nanay ako, but I can really say that.” Aga quipped, “Parang nagiging faney na kami hahaha!” And speaking of becoming fans of their kids, Charlene disclosed Aga’s reaction to Atasha’s first day of hosting in “Eat, Bulaga” last year: “Hindi siya makahinga hahaha!” Aga recalled, “When I saw her intro, when she did it right, everything, even her speaking, I was okay!” Charlene, who used to host a dancing show, also made sure to give Atasha tips on dancing before the TV cameras. “For her first dance, of course, we were telling her, ‘Atasha, dapat four corners gawin mo ‘yung sayaw para hindi ka mag-blanko,’ kasi ‘di ba first time? But after she did her first dance, Aga said, ‘OK!’” After Atasha’s trending hosting debut, her presence has since lent new energy to the country’s longest-running noontime program. Besides hosting, she also recorded music for Viva. Like her brother, the TV5 sitcom set for airing this year will be Atasha’s first acting project. “I’m happy that we’re doing a sitcom together, and it’s gonna be my first acting project. My first-ever acting experience, with TV commercials, was with my family, and now to do the sitcom with my family, even better. It’s been a dream, so I’m just really happy,” she said. “It’s something… I mean, I always make jokes, we’ve been method actors. I’m playing the role of their daughter, it’s like real life. So, I’m very comfortable, of course, with my family and I’m so excited to learn more. Obviously, their skills, they learned over the years and they have so much wisdom to share,” she further noted.

On how she plans to balance both her shows, she said, “I really think that as long as you focus and put in the effort and have fun, anything can happen. For some reason, everything is aligning so I’m very happy.” As for Andres, there’s a bit of nervousness, but he’s thrilled more than anything. “Definitely, I’m super excited because I get to work not only with my family but my best friends really every day. It’s gonna be a fun experience for sure. Definitely a lot to learn, so you know we’re just getting started, so let’s have some fun, right?” he said. “I’m doing a bit of workshops, working on getting better, para masanay din ako. So when it’s there na, I’m not not ready, di ba?” added Andres, who’s set to complete his college degree this year. He will finish the show then travel to Spain for his graduation ceremony. The STAR asked Andres when he knew he also wanted to be an actor. “So when I was a kid kasi dream ko talaga is to be like my dad. I wanted to be like Aga and I wanted the charm, the niceness, the positivity. I saw that and I saw how he touched people, right, made them feel a certain way and I always admired that,” he shared. “And I always thought, maybe if I become an actor, I will be like that. So, you know, at a young age, I was looking up to my dad a lot and that’s when I realized that I wanted to be like him,” added Andres. His revelation visibly touched his parents as it was their first time hearing their son’s reason for joining. “Ngayon ko lang narinig yan!” said a teary-eyed Charlene, who also teased her husband, “Iiyak na yan!” Asked for his reaction, Aga paused before saying, “Nakakatuwa naman ‘di ba? Parang alam mo kasi binigay ko naman yung buhay ko bilang tatay sa kanila, alam naman ng publiko yun. Kahit sa pagtatrabaho, pinipili ko rin ang oras. So, it’s just nice na tiningnan nila ng ganun. So, maraming, maraming salamat.”

Meanwhile, The STAR also caught up with Viva big boss Vic del Rosario at the contract signing and he shared some of Viva’s plans, projects and even his projections for Andres and Atasha. How was he able to convince the twins to give showbiz a go? “Siempre, matagal na namin inabangan ang kambal eh. Silang dalawa, maraming nag-aabang. Nung bata pa, marami na nagsasabi, kung mag-sho-showbiz, OK. Of course, it was a request from Aga and Charlene that they finish their studies first, so we waited,” Boss Vic said. “Before Atasha finished (college last year), we talked to Aga. Of course, there were also many others interested. But maybe because of our long relationship with the family, the couple trusted us. They entrusted us with the careers of both their children.” After his decades of being a star-maker behind the stellar careers of the likes of Sarah Geronimo and Anne Curtis, this paper asked Boss Vic his “fearless forecast” for the twins. He said, “Mataas ang expectations namin. Ayoko naman sabihin na sigurado. I think with their background, parehong (showbiz), I mean with Aga, the Muhlachs, and Charlene with the Bonin family, siempre parang nakita nila nung bata sa magulang nila at kaya nilang i-adopt. “Tingin ko, tatanggapin sila ng ating audience to be stars and hoping for them to be superstars in the future. But of course, hard work pa rin yan! So, let’s see. But so far, so good, with this show and other programs, madaming plano.” Boss Vic further revealed, “We have plans for movies. Merong niluluto na movie (for Atasha). Malapit na i-announce. Then, may TV show din si Andres that TV5 will announce. Endorsements, maraming nag-o-offer, merong mga nasarado. Even Andres. So, I think it’s a good sign. I think naghahanap ang market ng bagong i-a-idolize.”



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