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'The Voice' starts anew on GMA Network for 'Generations'

August 17 ------ After a triumphant run spanning multiple seasons and editions on ABS-CBN since 2013, "The Voice Philippines" is embarking on a new chapter with GMA Network producing and premiering the show on August 27. Renowned as the "world's biggest singing competition," its relaunch on the Kapuso channel promises a refreshing take from the previous main, kids, and teen editions, ushering in the era of "The Voice Generations." Breaking ground as an unparalleled musical spectacle in Asia, this edition will elevate the stage from solo acts to duos and groups from diverse generations stepping into the spotlight through the exhilarating and captivating "Blind Auditions."

During a media conference with "The Voice Generations" team, the excitement was on full throttle as the production reported a surge of aspirants and exceptional talents vying for their shot at stardom. Among the aspiring contenders, audiences can anticipate the presence of young talents with resounding voices, seasoned seniors unveiling hidden gifts, circles of school pals, cross-generational partnerships such as grandparents and grandchildren, and a myriad of other unexpected ensembles—all harmonizing to impress the coaches and earn their mentorship with the swivel of their chair. As before, remember that when multiple coaches turn their chairs, the competition crosses over from the stage to their panel as they fight it out to convince the worthy discoveries to join their respective teams. Fittingly, an interesting roster of coaches spanning generations has been meticulously assembled for this highly-anticipated program. Of course, it is a lineup that the Philippines can be proud of.

The esteemed panel includes international R&B luminary and topnotch host Billy Crawford; best-selling recording artist and Asia's Limitless Star, Julie Anne San Jose; frontman and choreographer of the globally cherished P-Pop boy group SB19, Stell; and the iconic Filipino rockstar and lead vocalist of Parokya Ni Edgar, Chito Miranda. The media conference foreshadowed not only the coaches' musical expertise but also their delightful banter, sure to boost the show's fun factor. Still, the industry newcomer amid revered OPM idols, playfully magnifies the age difference between himself and Chito at every opportunity. Billy, on the other hand, who laughs the loudest at the exchange, is just as soon roped into all the teasing when Chito does the math and reminds him that his entry into the old-generation category is imminent. Boys will be boys, indeed, but when it comes to Julie Anne, they do behave as best they can, treating her as top of their rambunctious class as if they were all thrown into a school room rather than a global entertainment phenomenon. The sneak peek into these coaches' dynamics promises engaging episodes to come.

GMA Network has spared no effort in extending a gracious welcome to The Voice, rounding off the celebrity cast with Kapuso Primetime King Dingdong Dantes as the maestro orchestrating every facet of the singing competition. Honored to join the league of distinguished presenters worldwide, such as America's Carson Daly and the UK's Holly Willoughby, Dong acknowledges the program's significance, not only within the studio but also in the hearts of music-loving Filipinos. He pledges unwavering dedication, whether gracing the stage as presenter or unveiling contestants' narratives behind the scenes.

"I'm thrilled to be part of 'The Voice Generations,' a platform that now celebrates not just individual talent but the rich musical heritage across generations of Filipinos. And challenging as it may be to multi-task, it's the stories that will unfold from backstage that I'm really excited about, all while witnessing the journies of the show's amazing discoveries to stardom," Dong expressed. Billy, speaking on behalf of the coaches, echoed this sentiment: "Our goal is not just to coach the talents emerging from this edition but to inspire them to reach for greatness and make their mark on the music industry."

With GMA Studios mounting the grandest stage ever set for The Voice Philippines, an all-new chapter awaits fans of the show, as singing discoveries of all ages eagerly set off to reach for their dreams and become the country's next big musical stars.

Let their voices be heard!



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