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Sharon Cuneta tears up as daughter Miel prepares for college

MANILA, January 30 ------ Sharon Cuneta is surprised by how fast time passes, now that her youngest daughter Miel is preparing to embark on her college journey.

Posting Miel’s high school graduation photo on Instagram, Cuneta wrote: “Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!!! Now you're graduating and are going off to college na ren after a year-off to enjoy life first?!!! Baby ko if there was really a time-traveling machine I'd invest my life savings in it so I could be with your baby-self and stay there forever,” she added.

Despite this, Cuneta expressed how proud she is of Miel for successfully completing high school, amid the difficulties and challenges posed by the pandemic. “This High School completion didn't come easy for you and many others - having to do lots of online stuff and dealing with Covid lockdowns. You guys just missed out on so much more of what life in high school should've been I am grateful and just really so proud that you've reached this point,” she said.

Without naming the school, Cuneta hinted that Miel will be following in the footsteps of her older sisters, KC and Frankie, in studying abroad. “I love you so very much, Yeyie ko...I cannot believe it! So beautiful and precious to Mama... Bunny you really wanna study abroad also? Here na lang pls pls pls?! Oh know Dad & Mama will give you what you want, even if it'll hurt to be away from you,” she said.

Miel is Cuneta’s second child with husband, former Senator Kiko Pangilinan.



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