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Sharon Cuneta reminds fans: Money amounts to nothing if we’re unhealthy

March 2 ------ Sharon Cuneta recalled how she shifted to a healthier lifestyle when she turned 50, saying this decision “changed” her life and improved her well-being. 


The Megastar, who has been vocal about her health ordeals, underscored the importance of prioritizing one’s health, through a vlog on her YouTube channel on Wednesday, Feb. 28. “I lost weight when I decided I really wanted to change my life and my outlook on health, and improve the way I live every day,” she said. The veteran actress-singer then spoke about how the COVID-19 pandemic served as a “wake-up call” not just for her but for the public as well. “It showed us the reality of the old saying na gamit na gamit na pero totoo, ‘yung ‘health is wealth,” she stated. “Because kahit nga naman ano ang pag-aari mo, kahit gaano ka kayaman o kaligaya sa buhay mo, kung hindi okay ang health mo or you don’t make it a priority, it amounts to nothing—everything na meron tayo—if we’re unhealthy.” Opening up more on her realizations during the pandemic, she continued, “Sabi nila, most health conditions are caused by stress so you have to be careful about that.” “Finding this out really made me appreciate that I thought of shifting to a healthier lifestyle. I was 50 when I made that decision,” she looked back. “I wanted to create a better version of myself and that was exactly eight years ago.” 


Cuneta earlier appealed for prayers as she disclosed that some aspects of her body’s condition had worsened, and that she had to undergo magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In her most recent health update, she revealed she has been undergoing physical therapy because her leg has been in pain and that she has been limping for more than a month. 




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