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Shamcey Supsup-Lee rolls out new system in joining Miss Universe PH

MANILA, Philippines, September 20 ------ The Miss Universe Philippines (MUPH) organization is rolling out its new “Accredited Partnerships” program that will change how aspirants can get on the national stage starting in the 2024 pageant.

MUPH National Director Shamcey Supsup-Lee laid down three ways on how a woman can get to be an official candidate, eligible to vie for the Miss Universe Philippines crown. “First, if your local regional partner is going to have a competition, you have to be a winner. Although some, they are opting for a screening process, and they will just choose during the screening. The third one is that, they already have somebody in mind to represent their city or province, they can appoint,” she said at media gathering where she signed partners in nine different locations in the country. Lee clarified, though, that appointing a representative will not always be an option, and will only be allowed for the first year, or perhaps the second year. “If they do not have the time to mount a pageant anymore, because it’s September already and our requirement for them is that by January they should have a winner, so it’s too late for many of them, they may opt for a screening or just appointing,” she explained.

The national director said that they are following the system that has been in place at the Miss USA pageant, where licensees conduct state pageants to crown their delegates for the national competition. “It’s like you have level 1, level 2, until you become Miss Universe. That’s what we’re doing here in Miss Universe Philippines,” Lee said. “So for the girls who are interested in joining Miss Universe Philippines, it’s not as easy as applying anymore. In 2024, we are not accepting applications from individual girls, individual women. You have to go through our beautiful accredited partners,” she added. MUPH will then post the list of all of the accredited partners in every location so the interested applicants may know who they should get in touch with.

Lee said that if there have been changes in the Miss Universe Organization (MUO), MUPH have also been coming up with something new. “It’s for the better. We feel like with this new system, we’re not just opening up for women of all ages, but every girl who do not have the capacity to represent themselves, this is it, they have the backing of the community, of their provinces,” she said. “And their journeys will be more meaningful, because it’s not just gonna be about them as individuals, but them as the flagbearers of their community. So with the help of the accredited partners, we also want to create a fair playing field. There’s one whole team to help a delegate to vie for that most coveted crown, most coveted title. So we’re excited with this partnership,” Lee continued. She said MUPH is requiring accredited partners to produce winners by January next year, so the national competition may begin in February. Lee said the organization is hoping to crown the 2024 Miss Universe Philippines titleholder by April, “so she will have more time to prepare for Miss Universe.”

Actress, model, and 2019 Miss World finalist Michelle Marquez Dee, daughter of 1979 Miss International Melanie Marquez and cousin of 2017 Reina Hispanoamericana Teresita Ssen Marquez, is the reigning Miss Universe Philippines who will represent the country in the 72nd Miss Universe pageant in El Salvador in November.



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