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Sean Tristan has this to tell to best friend Raven Rigor

MANILA, February 5 ------ Showbiz newcomer Sean Tristan knows when to give words of affirmation to his best friend, actor Raven Rigor.

Tristan did not hesitate to publicly show his support to “Dirty Linen” star Rigor in a heartwarming exchange on Twitter. Rigor tweeted about taking time in achieving greater heights at a young age which Tristan took as an opportunity to tell the young actor how proud they are of him.

“The world often tells you to achieve great heights at such a young age but small steps are still valid and it’s really okay to slow down,” Rigor tweeted. Tristan replied: “Seeing your growth and milestones over the past few months is more than enough for you and the people around you to be proud.” He also took a swipe at some “miserable people” who find ways to "ruin things" for Rigor.

“You are amazing. in so many ways, my best friend,” Sean added.



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