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Rhian Ramos marks Women's Month with advocacy film ‘Miss Probinsyana’

MANILA, March 8 ------ Actress Rhian Ramos is helping women reclaim their voices and tell stories on their own terms. She proudly accepted “Miss Probinsyana,” an advocacy film directed by a woman (Jenny Pearl Bautista-Ninalga) and produced by a woman (Marjorie Aviso). 


In her sit-down interview with the media, Ramos said, “I feel that women need to fight for each other, create ways for each other. I feel that whenever you are in a position of power to help another person you should do it. I really believe if I'm gonna rise up, I wanna take every one with me. If I achieve anything in this world, I want all of us to shine."   


In the movie, Ramos portrays the colorful life of the producer who’s breaking barriers in the information and communication technology industry. About her preparations for the role, the actress shared, “There's a lot of professional speak that I'm not used to, professional terms in companies I'm not used to in saying or hearing of.” “I also educated myself a little on mental health. This also touches not only on the challenges of the professional world but also psychologically for people," she said. 


Asked why it’s important to tell women’s stories, Ramos answered, “We're already in an age where women are discovering how much they can achieve. I think, it's important to have stories of inspiring women like Ms. Marje because whenever a woman achieves something, I feel like I achieve it, too. It’s not just for one person's benefit, it's for all of us. That's why it's important and I'm happy this is showing now.” The movie shows how the society treats "probinsyana" women differently. “It's about kung paano nagiging limited ang options with work and education and all of that kapag lumaki ka sa probinsya,” Ramos said. “Before doing this movie, there's so many untold stories na hindi rin ako aware kung gaano ka-limited ang options outside of the main cities like Manila, Cebu, or Davao. Hindi ako aware na para bang ito lang ang options mo for the future. It's also like you're not free to dream. I hope a lot of women watch this and fear not the freedom of whatever they dream of." Her takeaway: "I feel that women need to fight for each other. Kung paano iyong ginawa ni Ms. Marje, iyon ang nag-pave ng way up at nagbigay ng opportunities to other women. Marami ang umasenso dahil nauna na siya.” As Ramos celebrates Women’s Month, she revealed when she feels most empowered. "When I'm acting, it takes me to another place. I know when I'm in the zone and I know if I'm not. And when you get those magic moments, it really feels amazing and that's basically what I'm doing my whole life. When I get good feedbacks also from people in what do, I feel most empowered, too." “Miss Probinsyana” is written by Eligio Ninalga, Jr. and JP Ninalga and produced by Impact Media Convergence, Inc. 




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