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Rabiya Mateo shows extra care for her crowning glory

February 2 ------ In a world where beauty, elegance, and intelligence are celebrated, everything has to be perfect — an environment where a beauty queen thrives. Beauty queens have been known to promote positivity, women empowerment, confidence, and self-love across the world. Serving as an inspiration to the next generation to thrive even further in a world where perfection is to be achieved. This is what our Filipina beauty queens champion in embodying. Bringing home the crown requires not only maintenance of the physique but also extra care for their crowning glory. Our hair speaks for us daily on a deeper level we don’t realize, defining every fiber of confidence with an artistically inclined perspective as hair means the most to every woman.    


A good and healthy hair day is that instant confidence booster we need to conquer the world — or to conquer our everyday. Taking good care of our hair is a self-care practice we should not overlook. As much as we pay attention to our skincare, we should also not forget to take time to love and invest in our hair. LifeStrong Marketing Inc.’s brand Hairfix is your complete Do-It-Yourself hair solution which caters to a wide range of products that address all of your hair needs from roots to tips. Hairfix lets you achieve your hair goals in the comfort of your own home; with a vision to make every Filipina embrace their beauty from within and to build confidence in their crowning glory. Hairfix features essential hair categories such as Hair Color, which will push you to express yourself in a color that speaks for you, Hair Styling that can turn your hair from ordinary to extraordinary, Hair Care treating you from root to tip, and Hairfix Professional Line, the product line that will let you love your natural hair even more as it achieves perfection through professional care. Just like the newest face of Hairfix Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo who takes care of her crowning glory at its finest. This beauty queen is an Ilongga who proudly represents her ethnicity to the universe and serves as an inspiration to many. 


Rabiya's one-of-a-kind personality consists of wit, charm, and beauty inside and out, which makes her stand out among crowds. Her bravery in promoting cultural diversity, inclusivity, and positivity among women are some of the reasons why she’s the ideal choice as ambassadress of Lifestrong Hairfix. Moreover, Rabiya also mentioned that her favorite among Hairfix Hair Colors is Permanent Silvery Ash, which reflects her personality and gives her the confidence she needs whenever facing everyday challenges. And together with four Filipina beauties, which includes Miss World Philippines 2021 Tracy Maureen Perez, who came from Bisaya roots and fiercely conquered the world with her uniqueness among peers. She showed fondness using Hairfix’s Professional Line Collagen + Peptide variant, as it helped her maintain the healthiness and thickness of her hair despite the heat and the styling they go through. 


Miss Eco Teen Philippines 2023 Francine Reyes captured not just the crown but also the hearts of people by showcasing what it takes to be a Kapampangan. As a beauty queen, using Hairfix’s Professional Line Protein + Vitamin C variant on a daily basis as it straightens and rules out all the tangles in her hair as she uses it on a daily basis. Our reigning Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas 2023 Michelle Arceo and Miss Elite 2022 First Runner-Up Shanon Tampon are both proud Kampampangan who impressed the world with their talent, intelligence, and utmost beauty. Two of the things they love the most when it comes to taking care of their hair is the Hairfix Multiplex Serum– the vitamin complex that you need daily. Rabiya Mateo and the four beauty queens from different regions possess the attributes Hairfix has been looking for as the perfect representation of every woman in the country who continues to conquer the world with their sleek confidence and is here to serve as a reminder to take our crowning glory to the next level. Hair plays a big factor in the pageantry world and in the everyday life of a woman; not only is it our crowning glory, but it’s where our own crowns sit and where our confidence comes from. Just like what Rabiya Mateo says, “I do believe my crowning glory gives me the confidence to conquer life.” Let’s face it: good hair helps us face the world in a different view – fiercer, bolder, and with pride. No matter who you are, where you came from, or your achievements in life, your hair defines who you are and how you love yourself. 




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