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Pinoy Pride on stage of ‘Miss Saigon’ international production

MANILA, Philippines, February 12 ------ In celebration of Filipino artistry and heritage, the upcoming international production of “Miss Saigon” by GMG Productions boasts a stellar cast of performers with Filipino roots and descent who are taking on the lead roles. From the heartfelt portrayal of Kim by Abigail Adriano, the intense performance of Thuy by Laurence Mossman, to the charismatic portrayal of The Engineer by Seann Miley Moore, this production proudly showcases how talented and versatile Filipino artists on the international stage are. 


Embracing Kim’s journey in ‘Miss Saigon’ 

Abigail Adriano’s journey to portraying Kim in “Miss Saigon” is a testament to her dedication and passion for musical theater. Reflecting on her audition process for the musical, the Filipino-Australian actress shared, “Coming from a very music-loving Filipino family, it was impossible for my siblings, cousins, and I to be unfamiliar with Lea Salonga and ‘Miss Saigon.’” She described the moment she learned that she had been cast as Kim — a role originated by Lea — as a dream come true. As she strives to bring her own interpretation to the role, Abigail wants her portrayal of Kim to be marked by authenticity and personal connection. Speaking more about her “Miss Saigon” journey, Abigail also said it was important to strike a balance between meeting the vocal demands and taking care of her personal well-being. “It’s been an incredible journey of carving my own Kim and developing my skills as a storyteller,” she said. She added, “In my performances, I always remember what Cameron (Mackintosh) told me during technical rehearsals, as he held my arms with a warm smile, ‘Just be you.’” Her reaction, on the other hand, to Lea’s well-wishes was one of sheer gratitude and awe. “I was so honored,” Abigail gushed. “I couldn’t believe that the person who I looked up to was passing on such a message.” Abigail’s admiration for Lea, a world-class and musical theater icon, is evident in her words: “Just as Lea recommended, I have spent the past year carefully crafting my own personal connection to the character Kim and calling it mine.” She garnered attention as Kim in the Australian run of the production, joining the esteemed company of talented Filipinas Lea, Monique Wilson, Joanna Ampil, Carla Guevara-Laforteza, and Eva Noblezada who have played Kim on Broadway and West End. Hailing from Sydney, she first ventured into performance arts at the tender age of six. Her introduction to theater came through her involvement in Tim Minchin's acclaimed production, "Matilda the Musical.” She also transitioned to the small screen as Rose in the Netflix/ABC series "The Unlisted.” 


Embodying Thuy’s intensity and drive 

The Filipino-New Zealander Laurence Mossman first embarked on his “Miss Saigon” journey in 2016, auditioning for the United Kingdom (UK) tour while residing then in Manila. Looking back on his audition experience, Laurence shared, “My ‘Miss Saigon’ journey started in 2016 in Manila when I first auditioned for the UK tour. I auditioned for Chris but didn’t get the role.” However, his persistence paid off when he was approached to audition for the role of Thuy while on vacation in Australia in March 2023. Laurence said that it was a whirlwind process, from self-taping his audition material at his hotel room to doing the final auditions via Zoom. Despite its challenges, he expressed his excitement of being part of “Miss Saigon.” “Being onstage as my character eight shows a week is a thrill,” he said.  Laurence likewise stressed the importance of preparation, both physically and emotionally, to be able to embody Thuy’s intensity and drive. Prior to being cast as Thuy in “Miss Saigon’s” international tour, Laurence was part of the vocal trio Primo and appeared in the ABS-CBN series “Dolce Amore.” 


Reimagining the iconic Engineer 

For Seann Miley Moore, portraying the Engineer in “Miss Saigon” is one of the highest expressions of his Filipino heritage and passion for performance. “Meow, well, my journey from ‘Miss Saigon’ to now has truly been a dream come true; it’s a match made in heaven,” he said. Seann embraces the opportunity to offer a fresh perspective on the role of The Engineer by infusing the character with his unique energy and charisma. He also emphasized that authenticity and storytelling are important factors in his portrayal. “I’m bringing everything that has Seann Miley Moore into this role. The Engineer is, you know, a gregarious showman. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll!” he said. He also hoped to connect with the Filipino audiences, celebrating his Filipino roots and recognizing the significance of performing in Manila. According to his bio on the “Miss Saigon” Australia website, the Filipino-Australian appeared in shows such as the 2022 “Eurovision” and 2015 “X Factor UK.” Past projects in Australia’s theater scene include “RENT the Rock Opera” in 2022 and “Sweet Charity” in 2013. He also released a disco-pop song, My Lovers, which hit a No. 5 peak on the Aria Charts. 


“Miss Saigon” in Manila opens on March 23 and runs until May 12 at The Theatre at Solaire. 





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