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Phone etiquette 101: Why texting before calling matters for Jessy Mendiola

MANILA, Philippines, February 17 ------ Are you one of those who hesitate to take calls from unregistered or unknown numbers? For actress Jessy Mendiola, she prefers that she would be given a heads up before someone calls her, she said during her panel at the recently concluded Watsons Health Expo 2024 in SM Megamall. She was initially asked if she ever pretended to not seeing a text message.  


Jessy answered in the negative and said, "Kaya ako text person kasi I make sure na makaka-reply ako agad. But 'yung call, now that's a different story. 'Pag may tumatawag tapos hindi muna nag-text sa akin, hindi ko sasagutin." When the host commented that it was part of etiquette, which expects a party should send a courtesy text to inform that he or she is calling the other party. "Yeah. So mas text person talaga ako. Before you call, text me first. Baka naman kaya ng text lang," Jessy said.    




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