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Paula Shugart considering legal action against JKN Global's Anne Jakrajutatip

February 20 ------ Former Miss Universe organization president Paula Shugart says she had to break her silence because of Anne Jakrajutatip's assertions 

Trouble continues to hound JKN Global Group, the Thai company that bought the rights for the Miss Universe pageant, as the Miss Universe organization's former president Paula Shugart has threatened legal action against the company's owner, Anne Jakapong Jakrajutatip. 


In one of the more recent posts on her Instagram account, Paula posted several photos in Thai, presumably the translation of the caption to her post where she shared that she has been considering filing a lawsuit against Anne Jakrajutatip in Thailand. According to Paula, she has chosen to stay out of the spotlight since resigning from her post last year but recent assertions by Anne Jakrajutatip that she took money “under the table” to secure placements in previous Miss Universe pageants has compelled her to speak up. Paula explained that Anne's claims not only defamed her but also the previous Miss Universe winners “by implying their titles were 'bought' and not earned by merit.” Paula said that while she is currently considering her legal options in Thailand, adding that the “many legal actions” that Anne currently faces in Thailand have made it “imperative” for her to “speak the truth and condemn these words before taking any action in Thai courts”. She also said that she is “reserving all rights to claim for damages.” Paula ended the caption by saying that she does not need to engage in social media drama and her “years of work with some truly incredible women speak for itself.”  


Anne Jakrajutatip recently sold a 50 percent stake of the Miss Universe pageant to the Mexico-based Legacy Holding Group for $16 million (PhP896,936,000 based on current exchange rates), with the transaction expected to be completed in September. In the caption to her post about the sale, Anne said that the partnership is “a strategic investment for growth that will enhance our international offerings and allow us to create new products and opportunities." Before the sale, JKN Global had filed for bankruptcy last year to resolve a “liquidity problem” that stemmed from failure to repay bonds worth around $12 million or PhP672,702,000 based on current exchange rates. JKN Global Group bought the rights to the Miss Universe pageant back in 2022 for $20 million or PhP1,121,170,000 based on current exchange rates.  




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