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Ogie Alcasid and Odette Quesada share lessons about love

February 12 ------ Known for their love songs, "Til I Met You'' and ''Sa Kanya," OPM icons Odette Quesada and Ogie Alcasid talked about their biggest lessons when it comes to love. "Love continues. Even if you've broken up with somebody, you should be able to find a new love. Love of oneself is the best because you don't have to rely on somebody," Odette said during an intimate media conference with the press on Feb. 9 


With Ogie, he made quite a joke by telling music lyrics about his takeaways when it comes to love.  Both concerts are presented by the venue with NY Entourage Productions and MWell Philippines. "I believe that the children are our future, just kidding. Well honestly speaking, I think love makes the world go around, and love will keep us together (laughs)," Ogie said. Odette and Ogie will headline their first Valentine's Day concert together dubbed "Love, Q&A" to be held on Feb. 14 and 15, 8 p.m. at the Newport Performing Arts Theater in Pasay City. Before the Manila concert, the duo will be heading to the NUSTAR Convention Center in Cebu City on Feb. 13. Odette shared that she is excited to share the stage with Ogie since they are both singer-songwriters. "I'm very, very excited to finally have a show with Ogie, kasi pareho kaming singer-songwriter. So it's unique in a way, not too many people have chosen na singer-songwriter yung magsasama sa concert," she said. According to Ogie, no one was expecting that they would be collaborating for a Valentine's Day concert. "No one thought about it honestly, until our producers put it together. I guess it's something, probably in the back of our minds but then when we think about it, 'uy okay yun ah!' Magandang idea and I'm just so happy that she is having a show with me," Ogie said. Odette mentioned that Ogie's wife, Regine Velasquez, suggested the idea of them together on stage. "I went to watch 'Iconic' in San Jose, California, and she (Regine) came up to me and said, 'you know, ‘I want you and Ogie to do a concert together and I already have the perfect title for it Q, and A.' Sabi ko are you sure? Kasi ako mauuna and Ogie has been in the industry for a long time," Odette shared. 


Returning to the concert scene   

After the success of her concert in 2023, Odette never expected that her Pinoy fans would still be fond of her music. "First of all, I was very surprised, I thought was gonna be in a smaller venue. I was the one insisting sa producers before na sa maliit na venue na lang. And then, when they said na we will do it sa Resorts, I thought it was too big. Hindi ko rin akalain na it would sell out quick," She said.     Being away from the music scene for 20 years, Odette is now based in the US where she has a day job. She said doing the concert is a vacation day for her. "This is my vacation time. When I'm doing music, I feel like, I'm on my vacation, but when I'm working. I'm working," she said. Odette said she is blessed to have supportive supervisors and people in her workplace are aware that she is a singer in the Philippines. "I've been very very lucky to have supportive bosses. Eventually nalaman nila kasi right now, I'm working with a lot of filipinos, kaya kapag may dumadating na pilipino nalalaman nila," Odette said. Odette was uncertain whether she would like to concentrate on music full-time again. "Honestly speaking, hindi ko alam kasi walang retirement fund ang music industry" Odette added.  Fall in love with Odette and Ogie this Valentine's day. Ogie and Odette will put your feelings into words through their timeless hits with the “Love, Q & A,” concert. The concert will be having its Cebu leg on Feb. 13, at NUSTAR Convention Center in Cebu City. The Manila concert will be held at the Newport Performing Arts Theater on Feb 14. and 15. Witness a memory lane of love with their greatest hits with Till I Met You, Kailangan Kita, Don’t Know What to Say (Don’t Know What to Do), Pangarap Ko Ang Ibigin Ka, Farewell, Pangako, Growing Up, Mahal Kita Walang Iba.  


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