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'Never been happier, more content': Bianca Gonzalez turns 40

MANILA, March 14 ------ Bianca Gonzalez recently celebrated her 40th birthday, and she took to social media to express her gratitude for all the blessings she has received in her life.

The Kapamilya host shared a heartfelt message with her fans, saying she is happy and content with her life. “40. Aaaaah I have never been happier, more content, more at peace, more fulfilled and more grateful than I am now,” she said. “Thank you SOOO much to every single one who sent love my way today! I truly appreciate it!!!!”

In another post, Gonzalez gave a special shoutout to her family for being the pillars of her success, stating that their unwavering support has helped her achieve her dreams. “My BEST GIFTS EVER are you three, @jcintal7, Lucia and Carmen. I am the luckiest girl in the whole world to be showered by your love every single day!! I often wonder what good I've must've done in my life to deserve you three,” she said.

Gonzalez is married to JC Intal, with whom she has two daughters, Lucia and Carmen. Currently, Gonzalez is hosting the newest season of "The Voice Kids" with Robi Domingo.



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