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'My heart is happy': Ivana Alawi admits 'seeing someone'

MANILA, Philippines, December 6 ------ Content creator-turned-actress Ivana Alawi revealed she is currently seeing someone and is happy about their current status. 


Ivana invited fellow actress Bea Alonzo for her latest YouTube video, a question & answer mukbang, as the pair feasted on a king crab. One of the questions asked by Ivana's sister, former child actress Mona, behind the camera was "Kamusta lovelife?" Ivana immediately pointed Bea, remarking that the latter's love life is "bongga" as the actress is currently engaged to Dominic Roque. "Ako, alam lahat ng tao, ikaw kamusta ang lovelife mo?" Bea said, which had Ivana initially stammering with her reply. After a quick laugh, Ivana admitted her current relationship status, "I'm seeing someone. So ayun, I'm happy. My heart is happy." 


The response had Bea giggling and imploring Ivana to mention the individual's name after the video. For her part, Bea said she was "obviously happy" on her engagement to Dominic and plan to get married next year, and even opened up the comments section for honeymoon ideas. Earlier in the video, Ivana's answer about her biggest regret was loving her ex-boyfriend, whom she had previously admitted was physically abusive, was spoiled with gifts and who cheated on her. Both Ivana and Bea said they wouldn't make the first move on a guy especailly if they had a crush on them. They also shared that they had their first loves at a very young age — Ivana at eight years old and Bea at 13 years old.  



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