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Michelle Dee credits two women who inspired the person she is today

March 9 ------ Michelle Dee has been carving her name in both the pageant and the entertainment industry, and she credits that success to the female figures in her life who helped shape the woman she is today. 


The Sparkle beauty queen said there are two important women that she looked up to in her life: her mom, Miss International 1979 Melanie Marquez, and her paternal grandmother Regina Dee. “My grandmother taught me a lot of values that I have. In terms of not just my career, but on how I carry myself and how I project my future,” she told GMA News Online during the 18th Eastwood City Walk of Fame ceremony on Wednesday. Michelle's grandmother Regina was the founder of Inner Peace Foundation, a non-profit and non-sectarian organization based on the Inner Peace Movement started by Dr. Francisco Coll in the United States. 


In a past interview, Michelle said that the values her grandmother has instilled in her “gives her a sense of purpose and belonging.” Michelle, a staunch advocate of autism awareness, said her grandmother has also instilled in her the value of “giving back” to others. "I really credit my love for giving back to her. She has spent most of her life giving back despite her position of privilege," she said about Regina, who died in 2013 at 86. Michelle’s contribution to the country and her advocacy has recently earned her a star on Eastwood City’s Walk of Fame. The actress and beauty queen ended her Miss Universe 2023 journey in the Top 10. She also won four special awards including the Voice For Change video competition for her autism awareness advocacy. 




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