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Matteo Guidicelli, Sarah Geronimo mark 10 years of togetherness

MANILA, September 19 ------ Matteo Guidicelli took to social media to commemorate a decade of his relationship with Sarah Geronimo.

On his Instagram page, the actor posted pictures of their celebration, receiving thousands of "likes" and numerous comments congratulating them on reaching this significant milestone. “10 years my love. I love you,” he wrote in the caption. Guidicelli and Geronimo marked their third anniversary as a married couple last February.

In the earlier years of their romance, Guidicelli and Geronimo opted to keep their relationship low-profile. Two of their milestones, in fact, were confirmed belatedly after more or less a year. When Geronimo admitted that Guidicelli was her boyfriend in 2014, they had already been a couple for almost a year. And when Guidicelli announced their engagement in 2019, a year had already passed since the actual proposal. Their February 2020 wedding, too, was shrouded in secrecy — and controversy. Since they exchanged vows, however, the two have increasingly become more open about their marriage, particularly through Gudicelli’s social media updates and vlogs.



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