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Marco Masa completes junior high school with honors

May 27------ Sparkle teen actor Marco Masa completed his junior high school with honors.

Marco proudly announced his new academic achievement on Instagram, along with some snaps from his moving-up ceremony. "Always believe in yourself and let God help you to achieve your dreams," Marco captioned his post. He added, "Senior high, here I come."

Aside from completing junior high school with honors, Marco also received additional recognition such as Athletic Awardee and Amazing Attitude Awardee.

In April, Marco joined the cast of Daig Kayo ng Lola Ko's multi-episode story "Mga Hero ni Jiro," alongside Althea Ablan and Zephanie. Marco is part of the cast of GMA's action-packed series Black Rider, headlined by Kapuso actor Ruru Madrid.


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