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Liza Soberano takes inspiration from Dolly de Leon to reach Hollywood dream

February 5 ------ Liza Soberano revealed that one of her inspirations in making a name for herself in Hollywood was none other than award-winning actress Dolly de Leon, who also “pushed the envelope” in representing the Philippines in the global film industry as well. 


Sitting down for a brief Q&A with Universal Pictures Philippines, the local distributor for her movie, “Lisa Frankenstein,” Soberano showed her fangirl side as she answered a question from de Leon, who wondered how “exciting it was [for her] to break into Hollywood.” “Hi, Ms. Dolly. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for saying yes to this and for asking that question,” she said with a big smile. “The feeling that I got after the trailer of ‘Lisa Frankenstein’ dropped is, para akong nabunutan ng tinik (I felt a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders).” 


Soberano said that even though the “past two years” have been the “most difficult” times in her career, seeing the trailer of her upcoming film made her hardships “worth it.” She further credited de Leon as one of her “inspirations” in establishing herself as a budding Hollywood star. “It felt like the past two years — that was the most difficult, i would say, career-wise for me — suddenly became worth it. I was inspired by people like you who are constantly pushing the envelop, striving for greatness in everything that you do, and I wanted that for myself too. Here we are now, Ms. Dolly,” she said. The actress expressed her pride as she considered herself and de Leon to be part of a community that represents the country in the international film industry. “I’m proud that both of us are part of a large community of Filipino people who are trying to represent our country and make our fellow Filipinos proud,” she said. 




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