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Liza Soberano excited for her big comeback this 2024

January 20 ------ Liza Soberano is blooming and happy. The actress, who turned 26 on January 4, shared with ABS-CBN News that she celebrated her birthday soul-searching and traveling solo. "This year, I initially spent time with my family, but then I embarked on a solo journey, which has become an annual tradition for me. It's a form of soul-searching," Soberano explained. "Last year, I participated in a wellness retreat in the United States. This year, I decided to explore Japan for three days. I believe it's important to be intentional about starting the new year and transitioning into my late 20s. I wanted to step back, recalibrate, and really think about my priorities, both in my career and personal life. To do that, I needed to remove myself from my usual environment and gain a fresh perspective," she added. 


Soberano expressed her intention to live more mindfully and to be fully present, embracing and cherishing every opportunity that arises. "My wish for this year is to welcome more blessings and to truly enjoy every moment," she said.  "In my pursuit of career advancement, I sometimes get so wrapped up in work that I neglect my personal life and well-being. This time, I am determined to immerse myself in the process, to relish it, and to look back without any regrets, remembering the enjoyable and remarkable projects I've been part of," the actress added. The year 2024 is shaping up to be a year of resurgence for Soberano, beginning with her much-anticipated Hollywood debut in "Lisa Frankenstein," scheduled for release on February 7 in Philippine cinemas. "'Lisa Frankenstein' is set to premiere in February. This year will also be filled with travel for fashion events and acting opportunities," Soberano revealed.   


In addition to her acting pursuits, Soberano proudly announced the establishment of her own production studio. “I started my own production studio and I currently have 7 projects in development, some of which I will be acting in, some I will be completely on the back-end producing for other artists.” Despite moving on from her famous love team with Enrique Gil, Soberano expressed her deep appreciation for the steadfast love and support of her fans. "I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all my solo fans who have joined me through this period of transition and throughout the journey of building my career internationally. And, of course, to my LizQuen fans, who have continued to support me since day one, despite the absence of love team projects. Your love and support mean everything to me, and I hope to make you proud with my new film and future endeavors. I love you guys very much," Soberano concluded with a message of gratitude.  




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