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Kapuso loveteams lead Sparkle’s first overseas show

MANILA, Philippines, March 30 ------ Sparkle GMA Artist Center has tapped six of its brightest stars to bring a piece (and an experience) of home to Filipinos in Canada and regale them. Hence, it is titled “Sparkle Goes To Canada” on April 5 and 7, with Southview Alliance Church, Calgary, and Toronto Pavilion, Toronto, as venues, respectively. 


They are Barbie Forteza, David Licauco, Bianca Umali, Ruru Madrid, Julie Anne San Jose, and Rayver Cruz, also known by their uninames as Kapuso tandems, “BarDa,” “RuCa,” and “JulieVer.” 


In a recent press conference, these Sparkle talents expressed their enthusiasm to meet global Pinoys and perform before them. They’re in the thick of preparation at this point. “Siguro ano lang maraming-maraming lakas ng loob (perhaps a lot of courage),” said Barbie, chuckling, who is one of today’s reliable young actresses, of any pre-show’s dos and don’ts during the media event. “When it comes to diet, nothing needs to be changed because we need energy. We come from taping before going to the rehearsals.” 


She and David have begun their work in the upcoming GMA Prime series, “Pulang Araw.” “I’m excited to see the dancing and singing of Barbie (in the actual show),” said he. “The past two (projects) we did were a magazine shoot and acting. This time, we are singing and dancing.” Singing and dancing are what fellow featured artists Julie Anne, Rayver, Bianca, and Ruru will also do. “We also have games, and we’re also joined by Boobay,” shared Julie Anne, who, along with Rayver, were in Canada for the food festival, “Taste of Manila,” replete with fashion shows, games, live music, and performances, last year. “We had a great experience, and we had great time there,” recalled she. “That’s why we’re looking forward to coming back there.” “Sobrang sarap nilang kasama at ang sarap nilang makausap (I enjoyed being with them and talking to them),” added Rayver. “When you do a show abroad, you get to bond with global Pinoys.” 


For Bianca and Ruru, it’s their first time to visit Canada and bring cheer to Pinoys there.  “Every time we travel, we seem to learn a lot about each other,” said he. “For me, it’s one thing that also makes our relationship better. I guess because of (my show) ‘Black Rider,’ and she’s doing (‘Encantadia Chronicles:) Sang’gre’ right now, maraming mga pagkakataon na hindi kami nagkikita. With our time in Canada, of course, we want to cherish it. Hindi namin ma-fe-feel na nag-ta-trabaho kami dun kasi magkasama kami and at the same time, magpapasaya pa tayo ng mga Kapuso po natin sa Canada.” Asked what they look forward to going abroad, she had this to say: “No. 1 is food. We have this thing looking for random places where we could have brunch and again like what he has said given the projects we have, actually, hindi lang kumonti, sobrang bihira lang naming magkita ngayon because our schedules are almost the same. So, to be given this opportunity to fly again even if for work with Sparkle and friends, it’s really a bonus for us. We don’t treat it as work, it’s like a vacation.” Bianca added that she’s also excited about the memories she and Ruru will be creating, as well as the ones she will have with everybody on the show. 


Traveling for work also gives stars more time to keep in touch with themselves and strengthen friendships. “It seems that our time, like, during the flight, is the only chance na hindi trabaho (for us to take a break from work). So, we (David and I) get to talk… mas nakaka-tsikahan kami kapag ganyan na nag-ta-travel kami (for work). Since you’re in a new place, like, if I’m not mistaken, it’s our first time in Canada, we, the two of us, have to help one another,” said Barbie. “On our free day, I hope we, as a group, get the chance to go out and unwind,” added she. According to Rayver, it’s also fun going around town with the group and making social media content. “BarDa,” “RuCa,” and “JulieVer” are happy to remind Filipinos abroad about their country and join them in reminiscing about milestones there. “Iba kasi yung feeling, of course, yung mga OFWs nanduon (it’s a different and good feeling to be with our kababayan),” said Ruru. “Iba yung sabik na napapakita po nila, iba yung init ng pagtanggap every time na nag-pe-perform ka sa harapan nila (their eagerness to see you is different as well as their warm welcome every time you perform for them). So, para mapasama at makapag-pasaya po ng mga masisipag nating OFWs ay malaking karangalan para sa atin (to be part of this group that brings happiness to our hardworking Overseas Filipino Workers is a big honor).” “They miss going back home. They are focused on their work. So, they miss home, and I think the main goal here is to make them happy and to bring (a sense of) home to them,” added Bianca. “Kami ang pupunta, kami ang yayakap sa kanila for them to feel that home is us, Pinoys, who are gathering and coming together.” 


On the other hand, at the helm of the show is Sparkle GMA Artist Center consultant Johnny “Mr. M” Manahan. “Watch out for it, people in Canada,” said he. “We’ve been rehearsing for five months.... I’m sure the people in Canada will enjoy the show with the very talented people.” With that, Barbie, David, Bianca, Ruru, Julie Anne, and Rayver, who are expected to bring their A-game, come showtime. 




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