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John Prats rediscovers passion for dance at US concerts

July 20 ------ "Dynamite is back." This was actor-director John Prats pronouncement to his followers on social media as he brought back his dance moves during the Cornerstone Entertainment all-star concert in the US.

Posting a video of his performance on Instagram, Prats, who has since become one of the country’s in-demand stage directors, said he still has a passion for dancing. "Super saya ko na nakasayaw ulit ako. Grabe! 8 years ago feeling ko, I’m done na with dancing. 3 shows dito sa States ginawa ko siya sa CS All-Stars Concert, aaminin ko talaga na super saya. Na-realize ko na grabe din pala passion ko pa rin sa dancing. Salamat sa lahat ng mga kababayan natin sa San Jose, Seattle and Pechanga. Mahal ko kayo!" Prats wrote.

Once dubbed as the country's “Prince of Dance,” Prats started his career as a child star in 1992's "Ang TV." He started dancing in ABS-CBN's variety show “ASAP” in the mid-‘90s. He was even given the monicker "Dancefloor Dynamite" when he entered "Pinoy Big Brother"

house in 2005.



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