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John Prats on keeping marriage strong with Isabel Oli

MANILA, Philippines, February 14 ------ “Separation is not an option” for John Prats and Isabel Oli whenever the going gets tough in their marriage. 


That’s what the celebrity couple learned from the time they got married in May 2015. They have been together (including as boyfriend and girlfriend) for a decade now, and are parents of three — Feather (2016), Freedom (2018) and Forest (2020). “When we entered the married life, we knew there’s no way out,” John recently shared during a media interview with The STAR and a few other press. 


The 40-year-old actor (coincidentally celebrating his birthday this Valentine’s Day) said that he and Isabel share the belief that going their separate ways is not an option. They are committed to staying together despite whatever challenges they may face. And in their decade-long relationship, he also realized how fortunate he is to have found his match. “Alam namin yung paghihiwalay hindi option and pareho naming gusto yun. Alam namin na mahaba pa ang tatahakin namin. But dun sa journey namin na 10 years na together, sobrang happy kasi ako. Ang hirap na kasing makahanap din ngayon ng babae na ka-match mo,” he said. John expressed his appreciation for his wife, who was even willing to sacrifice her showbiz career to focus on their family. “Kung yun na lang ang isipin mo, ang hirap na rin maghanap ng babae na makikita mo, lalo na sa industriya natin, na willing magsakripisyo ng kanilang career. “Because our world is very career-oriented. Like sa mga babae, minsan nagiging competitive pa nga, ‘di ba?... So ‘pag tinitignan ko lang yung aspetong yun, sobrang blessed na ako to have this wonderful person in my life. “I don’t know on her side why she puts up with me, hahaha. Basta sobrang nag-gel kami, we complement each other. We do fight, we have arguments, but never serious.”  What he also loves about Isabel is that she’s not the jealous and the matampuhin or sulky type. According to John, she shows support by keeping him from being complacent, especially as he pursues a directing career. “Like whenever I work… because my work as a concert director, it’s not easy. It takes a lot of, you know, time. Medyo marami yung time ko na nawawala rin sa kanila. But when I do concerts, this is how supportive she is: She won’t text and won’t call me that it’s me who ends up calling her. “It’s because gusto niya yung araw na yun i-focus mo yung sarili mo diyan. And she pressures me ha. Like, for example, there’s a sold-out concert, congrats ha, sold-out concert, successful na, ikaw na lang ang hindi, hahaha. “So, ako yung, ‘Oo nga no, oo nga no!’ So, she’s able to push me in some other ways. And sometimes, when I’m relaxed, she’ll say, ‘Masyado kang relax ah. Hindi ka ba kinakabahan sa ano?’ So oo nga, kabahan na nga ako, sige na nga, hahaha.” What’s also helping the marriage remain strong is their three kids. “That’s one big factor, you know, you just have to always think about your kids, not about yourself. And we pray that God will always guide us in our whole journey until we grow old.” 


When asked on how they deal with temptations, John believes that to avoid giving in, one must always consider how it will impact their kids, among other possible consequences. He pointed out that temptations aren’t just about other people but also about things like drugs or any excessive indulgence. And even though temptations might seem attractive at the moment, it’s important to think about what you might lose in the long run. “How to avoid temptations, in my opinion, dapat siguro ‘pag dumating yung time na yun, alamin mo na rin siguro kung ano yung consequences. ‘Di ba pag-sinabi mo temptation, lahat yan masarap, kaya nga temptation. Kahit nga dessert, ganun kababaw, drugs, babae, lahat din ng bawal masarap at ‘pag pinasok mo yan, masarap. Pero ano yung mawawala sayo pagka-nalulong ka. Is it worth it?” he reflected. “And it’s not just your life that will be ruined... There are kids who will be affected by your actions as parents. So you just have to think about those things.”  




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