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Jillian Ward is the 'Star of the New Gen'

September 7 ------ Jillian Ward and her fellow castmates are on cloud nine as they celebrated the first year anniversary of the current top-rated medical drama series Abot Kamay Na Pangarap. With over 300 episodes and counting, the show has become an afternoon-viewing habit for Kapuso audiences which is why it now boasts consistent high ratings on TV.

Aside from the high-stakes medical procedures and the tear-inducing family drama seen in Abot Kamay Na Pangarap, part of the show’s overwhelming success is because of the series lead, Jillian Ward. Her role in the show as the youngest doctor in the country, Dr. Analyn Santos, captured the hearts of viewers nationwide and serves as a positive influence with her character’s intelligence, perseverance, and kindness. Of course, aside from the success of her show, Jillian has plenty of things to celebrate in her life. At just 18 years old, the Sparkle actress has achieved things many of us could only dream of. She boasts a tremendous following across all social media platforms with each post garnering hundreds and thousands of engagements. Jillian also serves as the face for various brands as a trusted endorser along with reigning the afternoon block on TV thanks to her multiple hit series.

With the awards and recognition she has gained in her 14-year career coupled with her evergrowing star power, Jillian is now being dubbed as the “Star of the New Gen.”

A homegrown Kapuso talent since she was five years old, Jillian played the iconic role of “Trudis” in Sine Novela: Trudis Liit. She has since starred in several other long-running Kapuso series such as Sa Piling Ni Nanay, My Special Tatay, and Prima Donnas before eventually top-billing Abot Kamay Na Pangarap. The future's looking brighter than ever for Jillian and we can’t wait to see the new heights that this Star of the New Gen will reach!



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