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Isabelle Daza raises P117k to help kasambahay Elvie Vergara

MANILA, September 11 ------ Actress-socialite Isabelle Daza had her way to help a domestic helper who was allegedly abused by her employer.

Daza launched an online fundraising campaign for Elvie Vergara, who allegedly suffered maltreatment from her employers since 2020. The raised amount has reached P117,847 as of September 8. According to the host-actress, she is raising funds for Vergara to help her live her life free from the abuse and without worrying about what she will eat the next day. Vergara alleged that her employers physically, mentally and verbally abused her for a long time which resulted in damage in her skull, a dislocated nose bridge, sunken cheeks, and severely damaged eyes which doctors said can be due to severe trauma.

The kasambahay is set to undergo an operation to save one of her eyes. She also did not receive her salary due to many deductions including a claim that she broke a television. Currently, Vergara’s case is being heard at the Senate, while the government attempts to get her salaries, benefits and other damages.



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