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Ina Raymundo is winning in life on and off cam

MANILA, April 14 ------ Ina Raymundo had very kind words for every member of "Can't Buy Me Love" cast at the finale press conference.  


Saying goodbye to the highly successful series is bittersweet for Raymundo. She's thankful for the role she loved as the mother of Bingo (Donny Panglilinan) but will miss the closeness of everyone on the set -- from the cast to the production staff and crew. "They are such good people and they're very good actors. I'm a fan for DonBelle kasi they are so young but so experienced in life and the way they carry themselves. I'm so proud to work with all of them," said Raymundo, referring to lead stars Pangilinan and love team partner Belle Mariano.  


During the heavy scenes with Pangilinan, Raymundo said she would imagine that he was her son Jakob, who is studying in the US and part of his college baseball team (and doing really well). "I'm thankful si Donny ang katrabaho ko kasi it was easy for me to show emotion kasi emotional 'yung mga scenes namin. Imagine more 'yung anak mo can't forgive you, hate ka, ang hirap nun as a mom.Parang imagine ko parang si Jakob na hate ako it breaks my heart into tiny pieces. So iyon ang daling i-channel with Donny," she said. Before difficult scenes, Raymundo said she also turned to prayer to give her the strength and skill. "I would call my sister, my prayer warriors and ask them to please pray for me so I would also pray in tongues. So it’s really God who helped me," she said.   


Fit momma 

Aside from playing her role perfectly in "Can't Buy Me Love," Raymundo also impressed at the recent Bench fashion show where she confidently owned the stage walking in a two-piece swimsuit along with the much younger models. "Second year ko na 'to. So last year 'yung first ko nung March 19, 2023. 'Pag may rehearsals iniisip ko palagi, itaas ang bandila ng Gen X. Kasi puro mga Gen Zs and millennials 'yung Bench fashion show, 'yung mga models puro mga bata and ako 'yung pinakamatanda talaga dun sa group namin. Pero iniisip ko talaga itaas ang bandera nating mga mommies, middle-agers na you can still be fit and you can have fun at any age," shew said. "Kasi naman ang vibe ng Bench talaga is to have fun. So bago ka rumampa, sasabihin nung crew Miss Ina alam mo na 'yan, just have fun! I got it eh."  


The 48-year-old mom of five said her fitness formula is discipline, consistency and a great routine. This routine involves eating the same breakfast for the last decade, 2 scrambled egg whites on 1 slice of wheat bread plus a bowl of cereal with non fat milk at 6 a.m. This is followed by a mat pilates workout at home, another small meal 3 hours later at 9 a.m., 1 slice of wheat bread with peanut better and a banana. Lunch is at 12, brown rice with chicken or fish with veggies, a cereal bowl at 3 p.m. and dinner at 6. After dinner, sgh walks for 1 hour on her treadmill at home.  


Raymundo describes her marriage to husband Brian as the best, as he is always happy calm and chill and they get along very very well. "He’s been always supportive. I like that he’s always cool about everything. We have a very ideal relationship. We are so comfortable and we respect each other so much. Ang gaan-gaan lang. We’ve been together since 2000. Mag-24 years na kami," she said. Raymundo is extremely proud of all her five kids.  


Erika is an artist and attending colleg in Boston, while her three younger daughters Mikaela, Anika, Minka are at the international school in Manila and also involved in sports. Her only son Jakob is serious about his baseball career and hopes to make it to the Major League Baseball one day. The switch to a junior college in Kansas was a game-changer for Jakob and now he is catching the eye of many D1 universities. "Now he’s playing a lot as third baseman. He’s a power hitter. So far naka-10 home runs na siya. So ngayon he’s getting noticed ng mga D1 colleges ulit. So it could be next year, he could be drafted this July, God willing. Kasi so far 9 na yung D1 college na interasado. And yung mga colleges na ito mga top 5. He’s 6-foot-1, like his dad, very muscular," the proud mom said. 


While very busy with her taping schedule for the series and shooting a movie, Raymundo makes time to know what is going on with her children and says it is very very important to have good communication with every child. "Moms, always check on your children, even if we think they seem happy. I really take time to talk to them one on one. Yesterday i had a date with my 15-year old daughter. She was telling me all about the sports trip in Bangkok," she said. As of this interview, Raymundo has opne more taping day for "Can't Buy Me Love." She is also is super excited about her upcoming movie "X & Y," which will be out on April 17. "First starring role ko mula nang magka-baby ako so it’s been a long time. I’m so thankful for this project. I love the script. My role is a 46-year old woman na very successful sa kanyang digital career, award-winner siya ng mga digital company so very go-getter siya, very sucessful. But meron siyang hurdles sa life niya and this is a road journey. It’s about dealing with your issues, your past, it’s about redemption, healing, and forgiveness. Very soul-searching talaga," she said. 


In June, she is looking forward to traveling to Canada to support her son Jakob who will be playing in baseball tournaments. 




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