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Gelli and Candy are friends for life

July 10 ------ Gelli de Belen and Candy Pangilinan certainly know how to nurture their friendship with time, love, and genuine appreciation. Theirs is a solid friendship that is meant to last a lifetime. What made me say that? Well, it’s because their friendship has already touched 30, and it is said that when a friendship crosses a seven-year mark, it can be assumed that it is for life. 


Gelli and Candy, plus Carmina Villarroel and Janice de Belen, have been gal-pals for 31 years now. They navigate one another’s highs and lows with Gelli and Candy revealing that they openly talk about money. “Dati humiram ako sa kanya for business,” admitted Candy on borrowing money from friends. Gelli declared that they can count on each other, all the more so on money matters. “There are friends you will never borrow (money) from because it is said that it’s best not to. But if ever the time comes that we will need to, I know and she knows that we can lend each other.” Gelli also doesn’t see any harm in partnering with friends in putting up a business as long as there are set parameters to avoid anything that would affect their relationship. “If there’s a contract or there’s a ‘black and white,’ it is possible,” she pointed out. 


In fact, they had their written agreement signed before a lawyer when they ventured into producing their podcast “Wala Pa Kaming Title.” “I got a lawyer and then I made sure everything (in the document), talagang pina-check ko lahat at pinabasa ko sa kanila,” shared Candy. The two do not find anything wrong about discussing one’s finances with Gelli stressing the point that it’s best to honestly tell your friends of your financial capability. “Kunwari ito lang, P500 lang ang kaya ko. As part of the communication, you have to be open para walang gulatan,” said Gelli. Part of the friendship is giving each other advice whenever one needs it but neither interferes in love. “Yes, we do give each other pieces of advice and we have this rule na hindi pwedeng pag-awayan ang pera at lalake,” Candy declared. Gelli delights at the fact that all her friends are in favor of Ariel Rivera – from them being boyfriend-girlfriend to becoming husband and wife. Both agree that life is not always a bed of roses yet you can expect them to give a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on. 




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