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From submissive to fearless characters, Andrea Torres plays it to the hilt

October 30 ------ It’s a breath of fresh air to see Andrea Torres as the fearless and feisty kontrabida Czarina in Love Before Sunrise. This character and her meek, submissive, but loving Sisa of Maria Clara at Ibarra are poles apart.

Regardless of the nature of the role, Andrea commands attention because the Sparkle GMA Artist Center actress is playing it to the hilt. “This one is far different from the last one I did,” Andrea affirmed the difference between Czarina, the empowered woman, and Sisa, the selfless mother of Basilio and Crispin, in a recent press conference. “Gusto ko kasi laging na-cha-challenge. Gusto ko laging nag-su-surprise ng tao (I always want to be challenged. I always want to surprise the audience by playing something new).” This speaks about Andrea’s aim to portray varied roles and step up her acting game. “And I trust my network. When they say, ‘We feel this is the next (right) project for you,’ gagawin ko talaga yun,” added she, “kasi yun din ang naisip nila sa akin (That was perhaps the same thought they had for me when they tapped me) for my last one, which is Sisa.” No matter how long actors have been doing their craft, they know that every role demands painstaking preparation to study and understand the challenges that come with it. “It’s challenging for me to have Czarina that kind of lalim (character depth), na maka-relate pa rin sa kanya ang tao (and that people can still relate to her despite the character’s quirks),” said she. “I had very nice scenes with Bea, such as confrontations between her character and mine, na lumabas pa rin yung pagka-kontrabida niya. Hopefully, in some extent, the audience will be able to connect with Czarina,” added she.

A piece of information shares that Andrea’s Czarina comes from a wealthy family and is skilled at using her charm and influence to get her wants, wishes, and whims. As everybody has already known, the character comes in between Atom and Stella, played by Dennis Trillo and Bea Alonzo. Czarina is willing to do whatever it takes, even giving up her engagement, to win Atom, and she takes advantage of the latter’s financial status. She plays the typical and classic antagonist in any dramatic narrative. However, when viewers watch the episodes, they usually consider her as someone who is “mean, na sosyal, nag-ti-trip minsan (well-off and sometimes a power tripper),” said Andrea. “Pero makikita ninyo dito sa Love Before Sunrise na merong malalim siyang pinanghuhugutan (You will see in Love Before Sunrise that there’s a deep reason why she is acting that way).” That’s why when Andrea creates a character from the ground up, she said, “Parang hinahanap ko yung puso niya (I always look for her heart and core), na parang kailangan maintindihan ko siya, medyo nagiging protective ako sa kanya (There seems to be a need for me to understand the character and to be a bit protective of her).” “I always think that the reason why she has this (privilege) feeling or she thinks she deserves everything is kasi lumaki siya ng walang love from her parents, the love that she wants from her parents and the support that she needs,” added she.

Aside from playing Czarina, described by one as a daring kontrabida, Andrea has been given the chance to collaborate with Kapuso actors Dennis and Sid Lucero (who plays the doctor named Roald), and her idol and Box-Office Queen Bea. She feels lucky to have shared the screen with them. “Dennis, Sid, and I were very nervous and pressured to come to the set,” said she about working with Bea. “When she transferred to GMA, I wished to work with her. With Dennis, I also mentioned in my previous interviews my wish (and intention to be working with him). This is our third time. With Sid, we’re working again after My Millionaire’s Wife.” Andrea and Dennis were part of the hit historical portal fantasy series, Maria Clara at Ibarra. Again, she took on the role of Sisa, while he was Crisostomo Ibarra, Simoun and Barry Torres. “Grabe silang maka-trabaho, you see their dedication (to work). Ang ganda nung dini-discuss yung scene before it will be done (I like the idea of having a discussion among creatives about a scene prior to its taping).”

A GMA News Online story says that Andrea is learning from Bea by observing how the latter works on set, such as the importance of studying the script well, finding out “little things” in it, and shedding light on them. Andrea and the rest had some time to preview some parts of the TV series before airing. The Kapuso actress said Love Before Sunrise seems like a movie, perhaps with its cinematic approach, “kung paano i-nin-troduce sina Atom at Stella at silang dalawa na mismo, pati na ang lahat ng mga taong nakapalibot sa kanila. Nakaka-proud.” Since Love Before Sunrise is about finding true love, falling out of it and giving love a second chance, the topic on having what-ifs was brought up. “I don’t have what-ifs, feeling ko kasi lahat ay may reason talaga (I feel everything happens for a reason). Light lang akong magdala ng mga nangyayari sa buhay ko (I take things lightly in my life),” concluded she. “Hindi ko iniisip masyado yung mga ganung bagay sa buhay ko.”



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