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Filipino finalist in 'America's Got Talent' wows audience in Houston concert

May 29 ------ Renowned Filipino performer Roland "Bunot" Abante, captivated the audience during a concert in Houston, Texas. 


The Season 18 finalist of America’s Got Talent embarked on a musical journey that led him to the heart of Texas — with Houston and San Antonio among the first stops. The Cebu native from the Philippines was originally a fisherman and a tricycle driver. Abante's passion for singing flourished at his local karaoke bar, where he honed his craft and developed a vocal prowess said to be reminiscent of the legendary Michael Bolton. 


In Houston, he serenaded the Filipino-American community with Bolton's greatest hits that left a mark on his fans. "I still cannot believe that the Lord gave me this," said Abante of his journey. "I'm grateful because a lot of people support me now, my viewers have grown. Everything I do, I offer it up to the Lord." Accompanying Abante was his interpreter and AGT collaborator, Joe Sebag. The latter not only provided linguistic support to Abante, but he also showcased his musical talent as Abante's pianist and manager. "It was a hard competition," Sebag said of Abante joining GoT. "He has to do something different from what he normally does because this is not just a singing competition. He needed to produce something unique." 


Houston was the first in Abante’s long list of performances in the U.S., with some 20 shows across the country already been lined up and additional bookings pouring in. Abante will soon perform in Hawaii, California, and Virginia, as well as Tennessee, Nevada, and beyond. As he continues to captivate audiences with his performances, Abante's journey from humble beginnings to international acclaim is viewed as an inspiration to aspiring artists worldwide.  




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