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Faith Da Silva, Lianne Valentin proud and empowered by Sparkle 10 inclusion

March 14 ------ The past two years have seen Sparkle GMA Artist Center become more committed to discovering new faces and forming unique groups from its crop of talents. Thus, there are Sparkle 8, Sparkada, and Sparkle Sweethearts. 


Sparkle 8 refers to the Kapuso network’s four male and four female talents, who were touted to be the “next brightest stars” and tapped to represent the Sparkle brand. Sparkada, on the other hand, is a group (barkadahan) of newbies, groomed to regale viewers. Sparkle Sweethearts are loveteams paired to brighten up the small screen. 


The Kapuso talent management agency carries on the task of grouping stars with Sparkle 10. Based on information given to this paper, the collective is composed of beautiful, diverse, empowered, and intelligent women. They are Faith Da Silva, Shuvee Etrata, Lexi Gonzales, Angel Guardian, Liezel Lopez, Rabiya Mateo, Ashley Ortega, Kate Valdez, Lianne Valentin, and Elle Villanueva. Some of them, such as Faith and Lianne, took some time to share their thoughts with The STAR about this latest career development and milestone. “Perhaps, like what we’ve said it’s very inclusive,” said Faith of what could probably differentiate them, the Sparkle 10, from other existing female groups. “We have different body types and genres. We’re also taking different career paths. But as one, we’re very powerful because we’re empowered within.” Lianne added, “I think we’re representing something here. It’s womanhood and women empowerment. So, that’s our difference from other groups… we have something to represent, meron kaming pinaglalaban. That’s what distinguishes us from others.” As for the reasons they were handpicked, Faith had this to say: “We have qualities that are diverse that would bring so much inspiration to others.” 


Becoming a member of Sparkle 10 is a welcome addition to their individual projects. “Actually, I cried,” said Lianne when she and Faith were asked about their reaction to being included in the group, “and I’m really, really happy and grateful because not everyone is given such an opportunity. (The thought of) being chosen by people, you know everyone from Sparkle and GMA, for them to entrust you with something so big, as in ang sarap, sarap lang sa puso.” Initially, Faith was a bit afraid of what some might think about a female group. It is commonly associated with being “super sexy.” That, however, changed because Sparkle 10 represents a brave and empowered modern Pinay. 


Now that Sparkle 10 members have been named and presented, what can the viewers expect from them? “As of now, there’s no specific project for the group that I can share,” said Faith. “I think yung pagsasama-sama ng mga girls as a group, we could possibly be seen (in shows like) ‘AOS’ (‘All-Out Sundays’). But if you’ll ask me, I would like to see us in a movie.” “So far, wala pa kaming masyadong alam, but we’re looking forward to doing projects and endorsements or (gracing) magazine covers. Soon, we’ll see (what’s in store for us),” shared Lianne. 


Away from their Sparkle 10 persona, Faith and Lianne are also pursuing individual projects. Faith hosts the noontime variety show, “TikToClock,” and has graced the TV series “Maging Sino Ka Man” and “Mga Lihim ni Urdja.” She will play the role of Flamarra, the keeper and protector of Brilyante ng Apoy in the soon-to-be-aired “Encantadia Chronicles: Sang’gre.” Faith also shared that, aside from working six times a week, she also works out six times a week. “I’m very much into wellness — wholistic health, and good health,” said she. “Iba pa din talaga siguro kapag balance yung life mo (it’s also different if you have work-life balance), hindi ka lang push nang push sa trabaho (you’re not just focused on your work). You also need to give something to yourself.” This makes her fit and ready for work, and prepared for the action-drama-and-fantasy “Encantadia Chronicles.” 


Lianne, who aspires to become a versatile actress, as she expressed in a previous interview, has appeared in “Apoy sa Langit,” “Hearts On Ice,” “Lovers/Liars,” “Regal Studio Presents,” “Royal Blood,” and the weekend sitcom “Walang Matigas Na Pulis Sa Matinik Na Misis.” Although she still sees herself doing drama and teleserye projects in the coming years, Lianne shared that it’s also nice to experience something new, genre-wise. To recharge her energy and keep herself inspired, Lianne travels. “Parang sunod, sunod yung trabaho ko from last year hanggang sa first quarter of this year, kahit ngayon may sino-shoot ako na ‘Walang Matigas Na Pulis (Sa Matinik Na Misis),’. I told myself, as much as possible, I would take a break, I wanna travel or go on a vacation.” So, finding time to stop and smell the roses is a must for Faith and Lianne, especially now that they’re up for the future assignments that come with being Sparkle 10 women.    




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