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Dingdong Dantes: In demand host, actor

October 2 ------ GMA Network's highly-rated game show "Family Feud" is set to make a comeback after a season break. Hosted by the "Primetime King," Dingdong Dantes, the game show will return to television screens on October 2 after a hiatus due to his teleserye "Royal Blood."

Dantes portrayed the character of Napoy in the murder-mystery series which had its final episode on September 22. Prior to the season break, the show ran for over a year. "I really missed it. Wherever I went, people reminded me of it. They asked when it would be back. When you engage in conversations, they bring back 'Family Feud' questions. So, it only means that they really miss it," Dantes said in a media conference. For its comeback, the show will be open to Filipino workers such as nurses, delivery riders, waiters, and all segments of the Filipino population. Additionally, there will be a kids' edition. "Zia and I play at home. I come up with questions, sometimes using ones from past show episodes, and she can answer them little by little. So, how much more for other kids? I'm sure the questions we formulate for kids will be funny. It's also educational for them," the host said. There are talks that "It's Showtime" hosts Vice Ganda and Anne Curtis will appear as guests on the show with their respective teams. However, Dantes said, there have been scheduling conflicts, so this may not happen in the first week of the show.

Nevertheless, Dantes remains grateful for the opportunity to host the show. He explained, "I'm generally a quiet person. I'm not a storyteller, but when I'm on the 'Family Feud' stage, it's my space to be lively and noisy. I can't do that otherwise, and I think it's very therapeutic for me because hosting a show like this is also a performance. I enjoy doing it because I get a different kind of energy from the contestants." "Every day, I get to meet eight new people, even if I already know them. But once they are on the Family Feud stage, it's like I'm welcoming them into my home. I really have to entertain and talk to them, and it gives me a unique fulfillment. Especially when they win and answer correctly. That whole experience is something I can compare to performing, like acting. If you do your scene right, you'll feel it," he added.

Apart from "Family Feud," Dantes also hosts "The Voice Generations" and "Amazing Earth." In addition, filming has started for his wife Marian Rivera's 2023 Metro Manila Film Festival movie, "Rewind," a feel-good family drama with elements of magical realism. Due to his busy schedule, Dantes revealed that he recently fell ill, but thankfully recovered immediately. "Honestly, when I found out that this would be my 2023, at first, it was shocking. It happened, and the year is almost over in three months. It just happened. I got sick a few days ago; I thought I would go through all of this without getting sick. But it happened, and I think it was bound to happen. "Fortunately, I'm okay now. I had a few glitches, but they were sorted out. I'm well-rested now and have plenty of energy," he added.


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