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Dennis Trillo to star in international series 'Severino'

May 26 ------ Dennis Trillo is set to star in an international series about the first serial killer of the Philippines.

Aside from starring in an upcoming series Love Before Sunrise, Kapuso Drama King Dennis Trillo is also set to star in the international series titled Severino.

To be produced by award-winning Filipino content production company CreaZion Studios, the series is based on the true story of Juan Severino Mallari, a priest who was regarded as the first serial killer in the Philippines. Dennis plays the titular role, who made an astounding impression on the global scene for his work in On the Job: The Missing 8, which first premiered at the Venice International Film Festival.

Aside from Severino, CreaZion Studios, in partnership with three other production companies from different countries, namely Protocol (Singapore), Fourier Films (Japan), and Studio Virc (Slovenia), will produce the film Last Shadow at First Light by Singaporean director Nicole Midori Woodford. The film is a supernatural arthouse drama that “explores the intangible nature of trauma and the ripples of its aftermath. It is a story of loss, grief, and healing, and it is a reminder that even the darkest of times can be filled with hope.”

In an interview with the international magazine Variety magazine, chief creative officer Real Florido said that their goal with the two projects is “to be a part of the wide-scale production of elevated Asian projects.” "With Severino underway, one of the biggest series in the region, we are excited to continue diversifying and expanding our market potential by partnering with outward-looking producers and projects,” he said.

For the global strategy of the two projects, CreaZion Studios also partnered with the newly established production and financing company Fire and Ice. Aside from the two projects, the studio has also produced a number of award-winning film and television series including 1st ko si 3rd, Iska, and Patay Na Si Hesus, with the last one starring Kapuso actress and former Bolera star Jacklyn Jose.



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