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SB19’s new collab song ‘Moonlight’ tops music charts in 9 countries

MANILA, Philippines, May 7 ------ “Moonlight,” the new song released by P-pop group SB19 topped music charts in nine countries after its release.


The song was produced in collaboration with United States-based producer Ian Asher, Chinese electronic producer Terry Zhong, and Lenno Linjama, with mixing by Serge Courtois, who worked with music artists in the US. It took the top spot in music charts in the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Indonesia, Cambodia, Bahrain, and Qatar on Sunday, May 5 – and peaked at 10th place in iTunes sales worldwide May 4.


SB19 said the song was produced and recorded during their PAGTATAG! tour in the US in 2023. “This kind of music is new to us. The production is very current yet experimental,” the group added. The members said they met Ian Asher, 23, during their tour stop in New York, and they were “surprised at how talented and prolific he is at such a young age.” Described in its press release as “channeling romantic desires in the best way possible,” the EDM track has ignited fans on social media since it was released. The music video, conceptualized and directed by SB19’s Justin De Dios, features a minimalist aesthetic with slick choreography by Jay Roncesvalles.


In a vlog, Justin revealed that the nerdy, bespectacled look was inspired by “specs” or eyeglasses he was obsessing about. He also said he wanted to evoke the feeling of rapture to the point that one loses control. He said he chose weird and quirky movements as a counterpoint to the lyrics of the song. “Moonlight” is SB19’s first release since the group’s EP “PAGTATAG!” which included the song “GENTO” – which went viral on social media platforms in the Philippines and around the world. Members Pablo, Josh, Stell, Justin, and Ken are currently preparing for a two-day concert in Manila on May 18 and 19 to close off the PAGTATAG! World Tour.




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