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Darren Espanto opens up about Cassy Legaspi

MANILA, May 27 ------ Singer Darren Espanto has opened up about how actress Cassy Legaspi makes him happy, amid persistent speculation of a brewing romance between them.

Espanto was asked about his relationship with Legaspi during his guesting on "Magandang Buhay" on Thursday. "Siyempre si Cassy ang isa sa mga taong parang tinatakbuhan ko kapag medyo down po ako. When I need someone to talk to, she's always there, she's a great listener, she's a great person to ask advice for. At saka ang bilis niya pong makapag-lighten ng mood pagdating sa akin. So I'm really just a grateful to have a friend like her," Espanto said.

Asked about the real score between him and Legaspi, the performer said: "Cassy and I are always very honest when people ask this, there's nothing happening official or anything. We are just enjoying each other's time. We're not rushing into anything po talaga." Espanto's guest appearance on "Magandang Buhay" was also a celebration of his birthday. He turned 22 on May 24. "I'm excited to experience new things in life. Siyempre you can never stop learning as well. So I just want to see where life takes me at 22," Espanto shared.

For his special day, Espanto received video messages from his parents and sister. Espanto expressed his gratitude to his family. Espanto was also surprised when his colleagues and close friends Edward Barber, Shanaia Gomez, and Angela Ken personally greeted him on "Magandang Buhay." Among the other surprise guests was Jona, to whom he became closer while doing concerts. They're also co-performers on "ASAP Natin 'To."


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