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Celebrity parents' stories of courage and strength

April 5 ------ Giving birth to a human being is one of the greatest miracles in life, but for some parents, taking care of their kids becomes a difficult journey if they are born prematurely. 


In an article uploaded at, “prematurity” is defined as babies born more than three weeks earlier than their expected due date. Premature babies, or preemies, didn't have enough time to grow and develop as much as they should have before birth. 


On the same website, it listed some reasons why babies are born early, like a mother is suffering from vaginal bleeding, is underweight, or the mother's womb is not shaped typically. Premature births can also happen because the mother is about to have multiple births like having twins, triplets, or more. Based on an article published in, premature babies often have serious health problems, especially when they are born very early. These problems often vary. But the earlier a baby is born, the higher the risk of health challenges. This is what the situation that former Miss Universe 1999 first runner-up and Unang Hirit host Miriam Quiambao had to go through when her first son with husband Ardy Roberto was born prematurely in February 2019. 


Miriam recalled giving birth to Elijah at 35 weeks and even called him a “miracle baby.” She posted on Instagram, “Has it been a year since I gave birth to my miracle baby? Oh how time flies so fast! “Everyday I thank the Lord for such wonderful miracles I experience everyday with this little miracle baby of mine, born early at 35 weeks at 7:32pm at Feb 16, 2019.”   




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