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Blacklist survives Team SMG, moves on cusp of third straight M-series playoff appearance

December 6 ------ Blacklist International moved on cusp of a third straight playoff berth in the M5 World Championships after overcoming a tough stand from Team SMG, 2-1, to remain undefeated in the group stage at the EVM Convention Center in Quezon City. The M-series rookies continued to deliver with Kenneth “Yue” Tadeo showing the way in the series-clinching Game 3 behind a stellar performance on the midlane Faramis pick. Yue displayed poise under pressure in the rubber match and finished with a 2-1-7 KDA all while providing the sustain in crucial team fights to claim the win. 


Fellow first timer Renejay “RENEJAY” Barcase and M3 worlds MVP Kiel “Oheb” Soriano also took over in the clincher as the Codebreakers shut down Lu "Sasa" Khai Bean’s Claude pick who finished with a lowly 0-3-0 KDA. His second death also proved to be crucial in the contest as that allowed Blacklist to secure an uncontested Lord which it used to break through Team SMG’s inhibitors. Blacklist never let go of the momentum from there, ending the contest at 10-4. It was also Yue who starred for Blacklist in the opener, putting up an impeccable 2-0-7 tally on the midlane Lylia pick while Stephen “Sensui” Castillo enjoyed a field day on the jungle and secured every major objectives including three turtles and two Lords to draw first blood with a 10-5 win. 


Team SMG though wouldn't go down without a fight as Aeliff Adam "Smooth" Md Ariff carried his team on his back using a signature Benedetta pick. He opened Game 2 with three quick kills and set the tone for the Malaysian team’s equalizing 10-2 win in 11 minutes of play. 




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