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Bianca Umali on Ruru Madrid: 'He really is the color of my life'

February 23 ------ The love season is far from over as Bianca Umali looks back on her relationship with Black Rider star Ruru Madrid - the start of their love story, their dynamics, and how Ruru brings color to her life. 


Luis Manzano was all smiles when he talked to Kapuso star Bianca Umali about her and Ruru Madrid on the February 20 episode of his online talk show Luis Listens. Before their love bloomed into a beautiful romance, Bianca Umali revealed that they did not like each other at first. “We did not expect, at all, 'yung love and support sa amin ng mga tao as a couple [because] first and foremost, we did not like each other at all…” 


Bianca shared that their tension was brought about by a “small competition” when they were in different love teams back then despite being under the same network. She also said that they both had negative impressions of each other back then. Ruru believed she was too young, while Bianca thought Ruru was too proud of himself. 


However, despite their rough start, Bianca and Ruru found their perfect match with each other. “Hindi nakikita ng mga tao kung gaano siya [Ruru] ka-funny. He's actually like my personal clown, and I don't mean that in a bad way. It's why I'm so in love with him.” The Kapuso actress also happily discussed how Ruru's humor and energy affect her. She said, “He [Ruru] really is the color of my life.” The Kapuso star was also proud to say that Ruru's outgoing and energetic personality perfectly balances her introverted and quiet side, “Super opposites kami, that's why, I think, we both work; we balance each other out.” she said. It was in 2022 when Ruru Madrid confirmed his four-year relationship with Bianca Umali in an episode of Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.   




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