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Bianca Umali is happy with personal and relationship growth with Ruru Madrid

September 26 ------ Bianca Umali is no doubt a supportive girlfriend to Ruru Madrid.

During the premiere night of Ruru’s new movie “Video City,” Bianca was spotted in the crowd cheering for him. Following Bianca’s contract signing as one of the new ambassadors of the Department of the Interior and Local Government’s Buhay Ingatan, Droga'y Ayawan (BIDA) Campaign, she told GMA News Online that she is so proud of Ruru. “Ruru and I, we are both very happy," she said. "We both are growing individually." “We both make it a priority that we grow individually and the relationship grows with us,” she added.

Bianca and Ruru starred in the series “The Write One" early this year. Ruru is also set to star in the upcoming "Black Rider." With their individual careers blooming, Bianca said they still nurture their relationship. "But what we love about the relationship right now is that we do support each other's career and hindi namin pinapabayaan yung relationship namin,” she said. Ruru and Bianca celebrated their fifth anniversary last July. They confirmed their relationship last year.



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