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Bea Alonzo is now an official resident of Spain

November 8 ------ Congratulations are in order for Kapuso Bea Alonzo!

In her latest vlog, the "Love Before Sunrise" actress mentioned that she’s now an official resident of Spain. “Makukuha ko na ‘yung resident card ko, yay! So I will be an official resident of Spain so it’s really an important trip for Dom and I,” she shared.

The trip Bea's referring to is her recently concluded 20-day rendezvous with fiancé Dominic Roque, during which they visited Milan, Lake Como, Florence, and other breathtaking places. Bea also revealed that this trip marked the first time she lived in the Madrid apartment she purchased in 2022. By acquiring the apartment, the actress became eligible for a Spanish Golden Visa and obtained residency status through Spain's "Residency by Investment" program.

As a resident of Spain, Bea can now travel visa-free to other countries within the Schengen zone, including Austria, Italy, Malta, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, and more. Before finding her dream home in Madrid, Bea spent four days searching for an apartment. It was also in 2022 when she was finally able to show her new apartment to her Mom. “Sana magawa ko ang isang house tour, mukhang mabubudol natin si Dom to shoot me,” Bea playfully said in her vlog.



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