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Atasha Muhlach says she’s open to joining beauty pageants in the future

November 22 ------ After Michelle Dee failed to advance to the Miss Universe 2023 finals, local pageant watchers are eyeing TV host Atasha Muhlach, who is the daughter of beauty queen Charlene Gonzales.

During the launch of her newest endorsement, Muhlach said that she is not thinking yet of joining a beauty contest having just started in show business as one of the hosts of the noontime show EAT, but claimed that she is not completely closing her doors on pageantry in the future. “I’m not going to close my doors. I’m learning this process of being an artist first. I want to develop those skills, but we’ll see where it goes; we’ll see where my future takes me,” teased the young actress.

Beauty pageants are already embedded in Philippine culture, and it is typical for fans to hope the future daughters of former beauty queens will take the road to pageantry as well. Muhlach spoke highly of her mother, who represented the Philippines in Miss Universe 1994 and was part of the Top 6 finalists. Aside from being a beauty queen, Gonzales is also an award-winning host and actress. She married actor Aga Muhlach, and together they brought into the world good-looking twins, one of which was Atasha. With beauty contests being a battle not just of the face but of the brains as well, Atasha might have something to deliver in that department after recently finishing her business degree with honors in the United Kingdom. But as the young celebrity enhances her acting and hosting skills first, fans can hope that she will dwell on the pageantry at the right time with the right credentials.



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