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Anne Curtis unleashes unstoppable energy with new milestones

December 29 ------ In the world of Anne Curtis: juggling motherhood, a flourishing career, and a vibrant social life seems like an uphill battle on a daily basis. But the 38-year-old A-Lister stands out as an epitome of grace and resilience, unleashing unstoppable energy as she ticks milestone after milestone. 


Recently, she was crowned the first celebrity in the Philippines to reach 20 million followers on Instagram, solidifying her status as one of the world’s most influential icons. This achievement, which happened as she wrapped up her “Luvanne” US concert tour early this month – another career milestone – not only reflects her widespread popularity but also her connection with devoted fans who closely follow her journey to root for and celebrate her success. “20 million of you here my dearest IG fam! What a way to end this LA tour. Big kisses to all of you!!!,” Anne posted.    




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