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Angel Aquino on her secret to ageless beauty

February 1 ------ Angel Aquino still looks gorgeous even in her 50s. The mom of two attributes her timeless beauty to her mother’s genes and self-care. 

“Thank you to my mom, I think, to my parents. I guess a lot of it is genes also, but of course, I try to take good care of myself and good care of my skin para naman matagal ako, to last in this industry,” she told The STAR during the “ender to remember” finale mediacon of ABS-CBN’s hit primetime series “Senior High.” She portrays the mother of Andrea Brillantes’ Sky and Luna in the just-concluded show. “Although sometimes there are stuff that you know you can’t really control like mga conditions like right now I’m developing vitiligo but I just hope na ma-handle ko siya ng maayos.” The actress, who is more of a homebody, is fond of taking care of her dogs at home. “So yun ang nagpapasaya sa akin. It’s like I gave birth again and I have like babies again. They are my source of joy now,” she shared. “Kasi kaka-isang taon pa lang nila. And I was never really a hands-on pet owner until these dogs came along. So, now I start my day. They wake me up and we sleep together on the bed kahit malalaki silang apat, silang huskies but kasama ko silang matulog,” she furthered.

This year, she plans to put up a business or something that she can fall back on. “Because you know I’m not getting any younger,” she maintained. “Sana maka-create ako ng other source of income that I can rely on. So that whenever there are no projects, at least I have something that’s working for me.” Since the Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, she was also asked about her opinion and thoughts on love. “It’s not my favorite day,” she said with a laugh. “Kasi ang traffic. You celebrate something that should be celebrated every day, eh. There really shouldn’t be a Valentine’s Day because love should be celebrated every day.” But the lesson that she could share about love is that it shouldn’t be difficult. In her words, “Love shouldn’t be hard. Just take things in stride when you’re in love, you don’t have to be hard on yourself or hard on the other person. Don’t sweat the small stuff. That’s what I learned in terms of relationship.” When it comes to relationship role models, she acknowledged that it’s difficult to maintain a relationship, especially when the pair is in the same industry, but mentioned a few couples as her relationship pegs. “Madami, especially in showbiz (relationship role models) ‘cause it’s hard to keep a relationship, especially if you are in the same industry lalo na kung showbiz, mahirap to keep your relationship together but there were those that work,” she said and cited the likes of Carmina Villarroel and Zoren Legaspi, Desiree del Valle and Boom Labrusca, and Sylvia Sanchez and Art Atayde. “It blows my mind how very much in love they are still with each other. 

Meanwhile, she was able to relate with her character Tanya in the “Senior High” series in the way how she protects her family. “I think that’s every mom’s role and the goal is to protect her family, her children,” she offered. She likewise enjoyed doing scenes with Andrea, especially the heavy ones. Angel described the latter as “very giving” as a co-actor. “So we feed off each other’s emotions, kung ano yung binibigay niya, tatanggapin ko lang yun and sana may nabigay din ako sa kanya.” “So every time we do scenes, because we know na mabigat halos siguro mga 95 percent of our scenes are heavy, we do prepare ourselves for that. And we know that we can rely on each other to salo and support one another,” she added. “(It was) happy working with everyone (on set).”



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