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7 Ways To Save On Christmas Dinner

When cutting back on extra holiday expenses, you don’t want to sacrifice flavor or food quality. With these tips, you won’t have to! You’ll be able to host your family and friends for a wonderful holiday meal that everyone will enjoy.

Host a potluck meal.

One of the best ways to save on Christmas dinner is to get others to help by making it a potluck. With others helping defer the cost by bringing part of the meal, it will become much more budget-friendly. Offer to prepare the main dish (ham, turkey, roast, lamb) and then assign people sides, desserts, and bread to bring. This will keep your out-of-pocket expense low, as well as keep others’ expenses low in the process. When every family brings 1-2 dishes, it creates a great buffet of food without breaking the bank.

Create a non-traditional menu.

You don’t have to have a roast rack of lamb to provide your family with a great Christmas dinner. Instead of the typical pricey menu plan of the holidays, create a non-traditional menu of foods like make-your-own Christmas tree-shaped pizzas, enchiladas, subway sandwiches, or barbecue burgers in the snow. Ask your family for their ideas. You might start a new tradition!

Shop the store sales, even at the last minute.

A couple of weeks before Christmas, begin watching the grocery store sales flyers. You will often find some great deals on seasonal foods including meats. You will also find sales on items used in holiday cooking. You can stock up on items for your holiday meals in advance as you find them on sale.

Sometimes the best deals on groceries are the ones that happen at the last minute. Wait and hit the store just 1-2 days before the holiday for last-minute sale prices, clearance items, and great deals on everything from the ham for dinner, to ready-made cookies, cupcakes, and cakes.

Add extra side dishes.

To stretch your budget a bit further, you can focus on filling up with great sides. Add inexpensive items like mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and sides of corn on the cob. When your guests can add more side dishes to their plate, that means a smaller portion of the main dish won’t leave them unsatisfied.

Make items from scratch.

Instead of buying ready-made stuffing, pies, or rolls, make those items from scratch. You can even cook dry beans in your Crockpot for a great side of pinto beans, great northern beans, or black-eyed peas that is super cheap and filling. Homemade hot rolls, fresh bread, or even crescent rolls are also inexpensive and easy to manage.

Have appetizers and snacks instead of a sit-down meal.

Host your friends and family for a mid-afternoon appetizer buffet. Things like cheese, crackers, vegetable trays, summer sausages, meatballs, mini quiches, and even fresh fruits can be displayed on a buffet and snacked on throughout the afternoon. Appetizers can be much less expensive and still delicious and satisfying.

Skip the alcohol.

One of the bigger expenses at any gathering is alcohol. Save on Christmas dinner by skipping the alcohol. Serve sparling cider in place of wine. You can also serve water, iced tea, or soft drinks for a fraction of the cost of your average bottle of wine. If you to serve alcohol, make it a BYOB or BYOW party instead. Bringing your own beer or wine is a common request at dinner parties. You’ll find people glad to comply, and it will be a much less costly meal for your budget.

These ways to save on Christmas dinner are easy to accomplish for any budget and family.


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