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Kuh Ledesma shares Life experiences in B-day concert

MANILA, Philippines, March 18 ----- Kuh Ledesma speaking about her successful and intimate pre-Valentine show, Hello Love, also headlined by daughter Isabella, and her birthday presentation, KuhL Getaway Party, in a recent virtual chat with the STAR.

Considering the trend these days, and if ever she joins it, she will definitely give her signature stamp on it. Kuh might surprise everyone to release a song similar to Flowers of Miley Cyrus. Expect her to work with a popular songwriter. Hopefully, instead of just one concert a month, in April and May, we may make two. We will see how it progresses (from there),” said Kuh, who successfully headlined 3 Divas with Pops Fernandez and Jaya in the US.

Kuh also reiterated what she said in a previous interview that she likes performing live because it enhances her talent and that’s where she started as a singer. She was very glad and grateful, too, for all the songs that were given to her to record.


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