Gelli de Belen, Ariel Rivera’s son earns college degree in Canada

June 22 ------ Gelli de Belen and Ariel Rivera are proud parents to their son Julio as he graduated from York University in Canada.

De Belen and Rivera attended the commencement ceremony where they cheered for Julio, as seen in a compilation video on the actress’ Instagram page. “Congratulations Julio!!! We are so proud of you,” she said. De Belen showed her son’s graduation photo as well as a video of him taking a bow on stage while his name was being called over the microphone. At the latter part of the video, the couple together with their sons snuggled up to their bed where they took their family photo. “We documented his graduation with lots of photos of him, videos of him, a few photos of us while waiting, but we forgot to take a family photo. So we just took one at home in our pajamas when we finally remembered,” she added.

De Belen and Rivera’s fellow celebrities Aiko Melendez and Arlene Muhlach sent their congratulatory messages to Julio for his milestone. De Belen earlier reunited with her sons after she made a surprise visit to them in Canada. She and Rivera also got to be with them during the Christmas holiday last year. Meanwhile, De Belen disclosed that she had gone through separation anxiety and experienced empty nest syndrome, after Joaquin and Julio went abroad for their studies.