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Zia Dantes awarded most outstanding swimmer at competition

MANILA, August 22 ------ Marian Rivera beamed with pride as her daughter Zia was awarded the most exceptional swimmer at a swimming competition.

Rivera turned to Instagram to spread this delightful news, accompanied by snapshots and videos of Zia's participation in the competition. “Speechless and proud of you, Zia! Being awarded the most outstanding swimmer at the Speedo Jumpstart Novice Swim Carnival is a testament to your hard work and dedication,” she said. “Watching you grow from the beginning till now fills Mama’s heart with pride. Keep giving your best, guided by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,” the actress added.

In addition to the prestigious swimmer award, Zia also clinched three gold medals for securing the top spot in the 25-meter backstroke, 25-meter butterfly, and 25-meter freestyle events within the 7-year-old girls' category. After Rivera's post, numerous internet users rallied behind Zia, expressing their enthusiasm and belief that she holds a promising future in representing the Philippines in global and regional swimming competitions. Zia, who is one of the most popular celebrity kids in the Philippines, is the daughter of Rivera and actor Dingdong Dantes.



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