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'Very happy': James Reid, Issa Pressman share why they're 'very in love'

MANILA, Philippines, September 12 ------ Six months after the soft launch of their relationship at the Harry Styles’ concert, celebrity couple James Reid and Issa Pressman gamely answered questions about their romance.

In an interview with the media during the Preview Ball last week, James said that he's very in love with Issa. “There’s no better way to say it. I’m very in love. I’m very happy. The best part about tonight’s that I’m here with Issa,” James said. For her part, Issa said that the best part of their relationship is they always support each other. “I have my strengths, he has his, so we just help each other… He’s sweet, he’s very caring. I would say honestly, because he has Careless under his name, some people would think that he’s careless, but honestly, he’s very caring,” she said. “He saves all of his time for his family and people he actually really cares about. He’s like a glue to everyone in the office, to his family, and the way that I hear him talk to each member [of Careless] is unbelievable. He has so much love,” she added. James also described Issa as his sunshine that lights up his day. “I like to describe Issa as sunshine. That’s how she feels [to me],” he said. “She lights up my day. She inspires me. She’s an incredibly inspiring person, she’s very strong, and I love her values in life. It’s something that I really look for in a partner," he said.

Last March, James clarified that past rumors alleging that Issa was the reason behind his breakup with Nadine Lustre were just that — rumors. James, however, gave a hint that he’s happy with his relationship with Issa today. “I’m only gonna say this once. The past rumors about Issa are just that, rumors,” James wrote on his Instagram story.



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